Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prominent Iranian Newspaper Asks for Revenge!

In the aftermath of the mysterious bombing of the evil scientist in Iran, the conservative Newspaper in Iran has called for retaliation against Israeli Scientists. To give the readers a bit of background about Keyhan Newspaper: this newspaper is one of the oldest newspapers in Iran. Almost from the birth of this murderous regime in Iran, Keyhan got took over by the ultra-conservatives in Iran and turned into their political mouth-piece for the Supreme Leader who at that time was Khomeini and the current Supreme Leader who is Ali Akbar Khamenei (two mass murders in Iranian history). This newspaper and its opinions have been incredibly violent and it actually portrays how the leaders in Iran think or perceive world events. In many aspects, it has given an inner-look to Iranian murderous Regime and its goals and policies. Hussein Shariatmadari is the chief editor and columnist in this newspaper. He is the author of this column about Israel and he is a close friend and ally of Khamenei during the internal power struggles. Of course Shariatmadari is a murderer himself and his hand has the blood of many Iranians on them. He is a criminal himself who has made a mockery of the name Journalist.
So he claims that Iran should retaliate against Israel for the scientists’ justified assassination. Let’s just for a second believe that he is right about Israel committing the act. Isn’t Israel really justified? Isn’t Israel truly justified to actually bomb and militarily attack Iran? Iran has been attacking Israel for years. Iran has been bombing Israeli embassies and Jewish centers around the world for years. Who asked Iran to be Israel’s enemy? Hasn’t Iran armed Israel’s enemies for years that have resulted in death of thousands of Israeli citizens? What had Israel done to Iran to deserve all these attacks that Israel has suffered as the result of this regime? Since its inception in 1979, Iran has been murdering Israeli citizens for their sick religious belief that needs another argument. Iran has been the murderous regime that is obsessed with wiping out this country from the face of the earth. Iran has been the one who mastered the art of suicide bombings through belts. Now this sick regime who has been nothing but the terrorist nest in the region is thinking about retaliation against Israel for the death of a nuclear scientist. If anything, Iran should realize that Israel assassinated this scientist to simply slow down the process or halt Iranian nuclear ambitions to at least preserve the peace in the region and avoid an all-out war. If anything, Israel is simply trying to prevent more destruction.
If Shariatmadari wants to play the victim here and say Iran has been target of a terrorist attack, maybe he should think twice because all options are on the table. He is a warmonger ultra-violent journalist in Iran who openly called for execution of political prisoners in Iran. Many of those political prisoners are no longer with us because they disappeared or got executed. However, Israel and US are not defenseless. Iranian military is still 30 years behind before they could even live up to what these two countries are capable of in terms of causing damage and destruction. If Shariatmadari wants to retaliate, he needs to know that the order to open fire has been given and the only results will be the suffering of Iranian citizens. One day, maybe one day, he might have to answer to Iranians for his pure stupidity. So my answer is this, Shariatmadari: not in your wildest wet dreams you could ever imagine to harm anybody in Israel especially its scientists. If your murderous regime could have done it, they would have done it. Hezbollah is still trying to revenge Mughnieh’s death. Rests assure, Israel is far more powerful than you think and she will DEFEND ITS CITIZENS unlike you who have murdered your own citizens.

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