Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iranian Racism: Casting Kurds as the Bad Guys Now!

Ok, so let me get this straight. Fars New Agency considers itself a news organization. However, I was under impression that a news organization has some guidelines and rules to follow in order to report an act and they should avert or at least pretend to not be a propaganda mouth-piece. Here is what they reported,

"My own confidential Israeli source confirms today's murder was the work of the Mossad and MKO, as have been a number of previous operations I've reported here," Richard Silverstein, a senior Jewish American journalist, said in his weblog named Tikun Olam.
Fars News Agency

I read this and I decided to check the source. It turns out that the source of their accusation is a Self-Hating Israeli guy who is a complete nut-job. This blogger has zero credibility and his source is “his friend in intelligence.” If you read even further, this idiot quotes this French reporter who has HEARD about Israeli cooperation with the Kurdish Resistance Fighters. There is absolutely zero credibility to this story because they have not specified a credible source or specific source or specific act to back this claim up before reporting it as FACT. It is all in vague language. However, Richard Silverstein, (the stupid self-hating Israeli) is a blogger and he has the right to publish anything and everything on his blog THAT IS HIS OPINION. How stupid is this Fars News Agency to use A BLOGGER AS A SOURCE OF NEWS.
This is the product of absolute desperation by the Iranian murderous regime. They are being outplayed by both Israel and US. The drums of war are getting louder and louder. Now, pathetic this news agencies are desperately trying to blame anything and everything on everybody. I am not contemplating that Israel was not behind this attack. However, I have seen zero proof that Israel was behind the attack either. Therefore, when it comes to reporting of the news, you could argue it is BELIEVED that Israel MIGHT be behind the attack. However reporting it as a fact and using a blogger and “his friend” as a source is a complete utter stupidity.
Fars News Agency who is the political mouth piece of the Iranian Regime is trying to use its RACIST method to cast blame on other Iranian Minorities. They are trying to blame it on the Kurds and build a pathway to murder these minorities that have already been slaughtered throughout ages in Iran. Fars is trying to allege that true Iranians are behind the government and nobody would cooperate with Israelis or Americans. However, Fars I have news for you and you could use me as a source if you wish to make another report about this bombing using a blogger as a source, THERE ARE FAR MORE DESPERATE, POOR, IMPOVERISHED, OPPRESSED IRANIANS WHO HATE THIS REGIME THAN KURDS. This is pure racism that the regional countries have historically utilized to hide their shame. It is always someone else’s fault. It is always minority’s fault. Iranians are supporting this murderous regime 100%. These are the claims that this fake new agency is trying to make in order to redeem this shameful regime.

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