Saturday, February 04, 2012

Amazing Drawing

Ok, it is election year and we have a lot of crazies running on the Republican Side. Frankly, I am truly concerned about the Right Extremist and they are affecting and literally destroying the future of this country. However, it does not mean I agree with our current President. From day one that I got to know this man, I realized he is nothing but an empty suit. I believe if he gets elected for the second term, we will have to say goodbye to America’s dominance in global aspect because people like him simply do not care for it. We will also have our civil liberties thrown away in a flash of the moment and our taxes could be raised a lot higher than it is now. Anyways, I hate to cover elections or write about it because it is one of the most shameful times of the year. However, I came cross this drawings and it made me smile. I thought that this drawing truly nailed it.

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