Monday, February 27, 2012

A "Victory" for Iranian Regime?!

Last night was Academy Awards. I cannot recall the last time I ever watched this boring events. Frankly, I believe that this Awards Ceremony has turned into nothing but an event that only people in entertainment industry considers it to be important. However, what I care for of course is the political aspect of this event. A lot of times Hollywood tries to make political statement by the films that they nominate or even awards. Last night, there was this Iranian Movie called “A Separation” for the best “foreign Film” award.
I have watched the movie. It is truly an amazing movie that deserves all the credits. I am not a movie critic and neither do I have any claims to follow Hollywood. Frankly, I am swamped at work and do not have time to do anything except read news and work. However, this movie was a great movie. It was rightly nominated and of course won the best foreign film. I am not arguing anything against that. However what was hilarious was the aftermath of this win.
Stupid murderous regime of Iran claimed it as a victory over Zionists and Israel. WHAT!!!!! Seriously this regime could not get any ludicrous than this. I swear at first I thought I was seeing one of Sasha Cohen’s stunts for his upcoming movie “Dictator.” Seriously, Iranian Regime is simply making the movie “Dictator” less funny because that movie is the simple reality of the Iranian Regime.
To make the matter even worst was the Anti-War Campaign and Terrorist Apologists response to this movie. They tried making an argument that it was a victory for “peace lovers”. My questions: DID ANY OF YOU HALF BRAIN MORONS WATCH THIS MOVIE BEFORE YOU ACCLAIM CREDIT AS A VICTORY? If anything, this movie destroyed Iranian Government’s image and shined light in its incompetency. It had nothing to do peace.
The movie portrayed an aspect of Iranian society. It was a small part of it and it was filled with notions that criticized the current regime. Iranian murderous regime should be ashamed of itself after this movie and now they are trying to declare victory?! Over what?!!? Their claim is that they have won because there was an Israeli movie nominated too. Who cares?! “A Separation” was simply a better movie. Plus, is your regime seriously this desperate that you need to claim victories over events that are completely out of your control?! Granted! Let’s just say you won! Idiots: Israel does not have time to focus on making movies. If you want to keep your scores, let’s talk about Noble Prize winners. Let’s not compare based on wimpy Leftist politically motivated “peace prize” that has nothing to do peace. Let’s talk about real prizes such as science, math, biology, economy, and other stuff. Have you guys kept the scores? Let’s compare scores on other ends since morons like that like to keep scores, “how many times have Israel kicked its neighbor’s butts at wars?” Let’s compare score on democracy, “how many free election Israel has held in its entire 60 year history and how many free elections Iran has had in the past 30 years?” Ok, now let’s move on to other subjects, whose citizens are happier with their current government? Iran or Israel? That’s right! No Answer. How about “standard of living”? Who do you think would win that one? How about Poverty? How about economy? You know what, I give you guys this victory and I’ll take numerous victories that Israel has had. Only a desperate regime in need of some positive propaganda needs such “victories” when these “victories” are simply painting a picture of what an incompetent regime of Iran has been in the past 30 years. May 1000s of more victories like these come for Iran! Amen!

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