Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Iranian Basji Member Torpedoes Terrorist Apologists Case

The Terrorist-Apologist groups have found a new dilemma to focus their energy on it. The reason for such new focus is due to the threat that it imposes in order to literally wipe Israel off the maps. Since these groups simply have no regards to Israeli or Jewish lives in contradiction of what they actually allege to justify their discriminatory position against Israel, they are very much trying to justify Iranian government position and they are actually defending that ruthless regime. They are desperately and actively trying to “protect” Iranian regime in the mist of all these and they are trying to provide justification for the Regime’s actions in Iran. However, there are guys like Alireza Faraghani (I have included his ugly mug in this post) that makes life a lot harder for them with his absolutely honesty and of course stupidity.
This guy, in his blog maps out a complete plan about how to wipe Israel off the map. I don’t mean through political regime change as the propaganda mouth-piece of the Regime claim here. He means literally wipe it out through military strike. He is very truthful about the true intention of the people in the background and policy makers for this regime. He is an engineer student and he is also member of the Basij who are very influential and a paramilitary group in Iran. This guy includes all sorts of citing into his argument and he also makes a pretty decent argument to justify the killing of civilians and Jews. He is not ashamed of his claim and he actually cites to the Supreme Leader to provide religious authority to murder all the Jews. However, what is even funnier is it shows how stupid the ruling regime and its puppets are in order to think that they can actually destroy Israel.
This guy claims that Iran should make one pre-emptive strike and take out everything at the same time. He goes into lots of detail to map out the plan. What is funny is the lack of knowledge that he uses in order to make such case. First and foremost, if Israeli intelligence who is constantly listening to the Iranian Regime and its leader even gets a wind of such plan, they will turn Iran into a Radio Active Parking Lot. Second, Israel has a lot of defensive measures and they could simply absorb a lot of the attack in the first stage of attack if Iran is successful to launch such an attack. However, what this moron forgot is Israel has 9 nuclear submarines that could respond back with outmost fury. Plus Israeli Air Force (IAF) with its radar jamming technology could turn Iran blind and capture absolute air superiority within minutes if not short hours. Then, guess what’s going to happen? Idiots like this will be vaporized.
There is no significance to his posts. It is nothing but a feel good post trying to give some confidence. I read his post in Farsi and there is also an English translation. However, the important part is the level of hatred and lack for humanity that is involved in his argument. It is the proof that the world needs to see that Iran and this kind of people who are part of the ruling regime of Iran should never ever acquire nuclear capability. Even if it means a deadly war between the two countries, Israel cannot allow Iran to even have the capability to develop such weapons. Well, we could all thank this moron for portraying the true deadly and warmongering nature of the Iranian ruling regime.

Here is the link to his post!

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