Monday, February 13, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around?! NOT!

Well, Iran tried and failed miserably to retaliate against Israel for the revenge of the death of the evil scientists in Iran. As I was browsing through news articles in different sites, I came across the same response from the Terrorist Apologists which was “what goes around comes around” in the comment section of the news articles. Is that so? So let me get this straight, let’s just say Israel was the party who targeted those scientists. Even if Israel has done that, Israel chose a legitimate target which was the nuclear scientists who were trying to provide Iran with a nuclear bomb. Iran targeted an Israeli diplomat in a foreign soil. One was a legitimate target and the mission was intended to prevent a war, the other one was a simple act of revenge in blatant violation of the international law and diplomatic immunity. Of course for the barbarians of the Iranian Government, if you are a Jew or Israeli, you are a legitimate target. If you have any doubt, refer to the previous post and the Islamic Justification to kill around 10 million Israelis.
Israel’s intention is simply to avoid an all-out war, for Iranian government the intention is a simple revenge and it was a cold blooded murder. They did not succeed of course and these incompetent agents could not even be creative and they had to copycat the style from different agents. To make the matters even worse, they failed to kill anybody. You see, this is the barbaric nature of the Islamic Government of Iran. They are barbarians and they think like barbarians. As long as they could kill anybody, they would think that they have scored a victory. However, those fools who always cry “collective punishment” or “excessive force” every time Israel targets Palestinian terrorist in response to a terrorist attack, they were quick to say “what goes around comes around.”
Well, just like always, they were wrong because one was a legitimate target to avoid a full blown war and the other was a simple act of murder. One is dedicated to fight evil and secure its citizens’ security; the other is motivated by hatred and revenge. At the same time, by the same logic, Israel has the right to assassinate every single Iranian Diplomat abroad. Most of these diplomats are nothing but terrorist spies who are looking for target for Hezbollah and Iranian terrorist to target anyways. If you have any doubt, look into Iranian Opposition members who were assassinated in European or foreign countries. Almost every single one of these murders involved an agent who had some relation with an Iranian Diplomats. At the end, the hateful bunches were not even able to achieve that goal.

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