Thursday, April 19, 2012

Occupy Movement's Honest Outburst!

Seriously?!! Could you have imagined if Tea Party Movement would have posted such picture on their blogs or Facebook page? Well, the mainstream Media are/were in love with the Occupy Movement and they looked up to them as the youth movement. Time Magazine even included them as part of the “Man of the Year” edition.
Occupy Movement is stemmed directly from Left and its people. Liberals loved this movement and of course college campuses endorsed it as the movement for 21st century that will define future of this company. From day one, this movement was Anti-Semitic and the Media just covered for their absolute stupidity and Anti-Semitism. This is only a simple honest outburst of the truth that is hacked into the Occupy Movement’s DNA. The reason is very simple: Occupy Movement is stemmed from Left and Liberals and as much as they love to classify themselves as the “Tolerant” group, they are very much Anti-Semitic. I am not surprised at all to see this. However, I did not think they would be stupid enough to make such a move on a Holocaust Remembrance Day.
My heart soul goes to the victim and survivors of Holocaust. This day is truly a special day. Every year, I personally take a moment to remember those victims. This article and picture was a good excuse for me to put the work aside for a second and get back to blogging. I’ll end this post with my usual slogan, “NEVER AGAIN”!

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