Sunday, April 29, 2012

Urbant Outfitter's Blatant Anti-Semitism: Pattern?

Urban Outfitters is at it again. I first wrote about their disgusting Anti-Semitism and their horrific biased toward Jews and Israel in 2008. In 2012, they go even a step further with their fashion statements. They go ahead and try to make a shirt that resembles Nazi Germany and their disgusting way of singling out Jews. Urban Outfitters is truly a disgusting company and I am speechless with regards to their audacity to go forward with their agendas.
I cannot believe this is the second time that I am coming across this issue. They glorified child soldiers back in 2008 and now they are making fashion statements by utilizing Holocaust. Seriously, how low could you go?

Here is the lesson of this these two events. At first, they started with “Child Soldier” and glorifying Palestinian kids being used as soldiers. Once they got criticized for it, they resorted to the fact that they are part of the “peace loving” movements. They even called the terrorist shawl of Kafia, a “peace” shawl. Kafia is a symbol of terrorism and they called it “peace shawl.” Now, they are even going after Holocaust. This is the logical outcome and the perfect proof that Anti-Israel campaign is energized and organized from the hatred toward Jews. It has nothing to do with peace or human rights as their proponents of Palestinian Cause content. It is stemming from Anti-Semitism and even the arguments is the same as the Nazis. All they have done is replace the word “Jew” with “Zionist” and they are conducting the same tactic. Here, it is obvious that Urban Outfitters first started with Pro-Palestinian campaign (peace shawl) and then moved to glorifying child soldiers (Anti-Israel Campaign) and then they landed on disrespecting Holocaust (blatant Anti-Semitism campaign).

At the end, Urban Outfitters has shown its true Anti-Semitic face with this maneuver which is true hatred of Jews at heart and how they are trying to appeal to it to make some money. Whether it is monetary reason or ideological reasons, it does not really matter. At the end, it wrong.

Click Here for my post in 2008.

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