Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fake Executions

These stories always make me laugh. This goes to all the Iranian Freedom Fighters who love to fight alongside the Palestinians. Anyways, it seems to me that Iranian Regime is absolutely desperate. They are committing all the regular forgeries, frauds, and misleads not to win wars and protect their citizens, but rather to deceive their own population. Yes! I know it is nothing new. Governments lie and deceive all the time. However, how desperate and stupid do you have to be to assassinate one of your own scientists and then try to blame it on some poor soul and then point fingers toward Israel? To make the matters even worse, you go ahead and utilize poorly photoshoped photo to prove your case? Seriously? Well, I have always said, any regime or cause or movement that utilizes deceits AGAINST its own citizens has lost legitimacy. Israel uses deceits all the time in order to protect its citizens. That's how the intelligence universe functions. However, once you resort to acts like these, it goes to show you how incredibly incompetent you are as a government to have the support of your own citizens. This is the same old Anti-Semitism. There is nothing new about it. Previously, they used Jews as scapegoats and they would use Kangaroo trials to accuse and convict a Jew to hide their own shame. Now days, they simply blame it on Israel to basically wash their hands of the blood of their own citizens. This is why Anti-Israel camp is nothing but Anti-Semitic camp and movements like these are basic proof of such school of thoughts. If you really cannot see the connection, you need to get your head checked.

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