Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Syira is Doing it Iranian Style

Syria is doing it Iranian style. As much as I was expecting it, the pictures coming from Syria is truly appalling. I do not even know how to respond to the recent massacre in Syria. Who do we blame? Oh yeah, let’s blame Syrian regime. That’s news that we did not expect to see (with sarcasm)!!!
Unfortunately, these developments are straight out of Iranian handbook which is brutal massacre of the opposition. Iranian government used Paramilitary and plain clothes terrorists to do its dirty work. Here, Syria used the extremist tribe to do its dirty work. They massacred women, children, and innocent people. The reason is incredibly simple: create an absolute terror and horror among the civilians in order to prevent them from supporting the Anti-Assad forces. You do not use the official government police or military, rather a group that you could blame later. This is the same tactic Iranian regimes used during the violent crackdown on the Green Movements. However, there is one huge miss-calculation and that is Syrians are not Iranians. Syrians and Arabs have had enough. They are not going to get scared of these massacres. If anything, they are now angrier and Assad just stamped its own death. This was a desperate act from the Syrian Regime to prevent the inevitable which is toppling of Assad’s regime.
I am truly stunt. I am speechless. I could keep going on and on about whose fault it is and point fingers at everybody. However, the pictures are incredibly sad and disgusting. These are your own people. The children are your own children. The women are your own women. How could anybody commit such acts against its citizens? Russia and China should truly be proud of their support of Syria. Well, these two governments are not far from the Syrian regime. Sooner or later, the Universe will take its revenge on these governments.

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