Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next Target for Reform & Conservative Jews to Destory: Israel

As if these movements have not caused enough damage to Judaism in Diaspora and Europe, let’s bring it to Israel too. I just read in the that Israel has recognized Reform and Conservative Rabies as Jewish Rabies and they will receive state funding. I am not going to argue these movements’ political standing because it varies from one spectrum to another. However, why is it so important for these two movements to be recognized in Israel? Don’t they have enough power in the U.S? What is left of them in the U.S? Has their membership market finally run out of members that they are looking to Israel to find supporters? Didn’t the Reform movement argue that it is a form of Judaism that is designed to address the American and European needs? Why do they need to establish themselves in Israel? If they could answer these questions, then I would say they have the right to be “recognized” in Israel.
Ultimately it is a very simple form of argument. Both of these groups call themselves to be Jewish. However, ultimately they are not practicing Judaism. They could call it whatever they want, but it simply is not Judaism. It is a self-serving, feel-good, way of saying that we have something left in Judaism. It is just that these people do not wish to follow the rules and in order to cater their own needs, they have simply designed A RELIGION to meet that criteria which is basically nothing. Therefore, there is nothing left of Judaism in this religion. Reform movement has been disastrous. Conservative movement has not been any better. Even though these two movements try to be as open and “understanding” when it comes to social and religious issues, even though they try to constantly change the religious rules to cater to people’s preferences, census after census shows that their numbers and membership has declined and they are bound to be totally wiped out in the next fifty years. On the other hand, Orthodox movements and all its affiliates are increasing exponentially. Reform and Conservative movements have been nothing but disasters for Judaism and it is a reality that these two movements do not wish to face. So, now they are faced with the reality of being wiped out, they are looking to acquire more market to find followers since the current batch is almost done. They have done their damage in the U.S which was wiping out close to 60% of American Jews and losing their heritage as a result of it. They have turned those 60% into debunked Jews and after the next generation, there will be nothing left of them thank to assimilation that was speeded up by Conservative and Reform movements.
In order to tap to this new market of Jews, they are looking to first get state legitimacy which they have received since Israel is going to recognize them as religious Rabies. Another issue is that sooner or later, due to their massive cash reserves, they are going to start interfering with the politics too. That is going to be another disaster waiting to happen. Ultimately, I do not think the Israeli Jews would welcome these so-called movements. They would probably find strong support in Tel Aviv, however ultimately just like it happened in the U.S, they will also be dying out in Israel too. History has proven that these two movements are dying systems and developments like these are just desperate act of survival. I just wish these two movements could do some soul searching and realize how much damage they have done to world Jewry.

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