Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Sunday and I am at Work

Ok, it is been a while I have not posted some political cartoons. Unfortunately, work has been very crazy lately. Slow news days along with busy work days result in not blogging that often. Today is Sunday June 10th and it is beautiful outside. Just like most of my Sundays, I have been forced to come to work and try to catch up on some work. Since I am tired of looking at files, I have decided to post of my favorite political cartoons. Here they are:

I really agree with this one. I believe this is the life of majority of our citizens.

I love this one because it shows MSNBC's blatant biased during the election in Wisconsin. Unions and Democrats took a huge hit and instead all I heard from MSNBC was Romney's numbers during this election.

Another Cartoon about Wisconsin's election and the big blow to Unions.

I am wondering, when will Obama finally accept responsibility for some of his failures as oppose to blaming everything on Bush.

There is a special place in hell reserved for Assad and his crimes against humanity. Of course, world powers such as Russia and China see it differently.