Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shocker: Palestinians and Nazis Working with Each Other!!!!

A shocker!!! Neo-Nazi groups assisted the Palestinians for the massacre of the Israeli Olympians during the Munich Games.

Historical documents released to the magazine by the German secret service show that Dortmund police had been aware of collaboration between Palestinian terrorist Abu Daud and neo-Nazi Willi Pohl seven weeks before the attack - but did not intervene, the paper said.

Really?! Are you surprised? Neo-Nazis working with Palestinians?! No way!! History and its facts are the biggest enemy of the Pro-Palestinian Cause. From its inception, Pro-Palestinian cause has huge connection and infatuation with the Nazism. As much as they love to deny this and their propaganda mouth-pieces would love to deny this in College Campuses, Pro-Palestinian movement is nothing short of Nazism. They have had open relationship throughout history and they have cooperated extensively to murder Jews. Pro-Palestinian cause and its supporters have not been shy to hide this connection either. If anything, they look up to Nazis to utilize their methods to cause damage to Jews and Israel. They have the same political rhetoric, same conspiracy theories, same tactics to defame Jews around the world, and of course the same goal: to destroy Jews as they see them as the root of their problems. Palestinians and Pro-Palestinians have not hide the fact that they think Jews are the root of all problems in the world.
However, the biggest joke in the middle of all these is these simple minded Jews who have decided to become Pro-Palestinians. There is no secret here. However, these Jews have chosen to betray their roots and join the enemy in what they wrongly believe to be “Justice”. However, there is a strong correlation between the Jews betraying their roots and Jews who have been infested with the mental disease of being a “Leftists”. Just like the Left, they choose to forget history and its lessons. They call themselves “Progressive” and yet they think like little naïve babies. At the end, horrific massacres such as the Munich Olympics and its details are sad reminder of reality to these people. However, they are choosing to ignore the reality and history and stick to the conspiracy theories that are put forth for them by the Left and the Palestinian Cause.

At the end, as sad as that even has been for Israel and the Jews, Israel is still here to defend the Jews. Even with the existence of those Jews who support Palestinian Cause, Israel will win its war and she will defend its citizens. The reason for such strong claim is that Israel is the country that is for the Jews and its people.
No other country under this sun, no other nation under this sun, no other religion under this sun would give a rat ass about any Jew who might be in trouble. It is only Israel who is the true defender of the Jews. Unlike other Arab nations, its government is by the people and for the people. There could be many differences when it comes to internal issues, however ultimately the existence of Israel is the best insurance any Jew could ever have in order to protect themselves. Neo-Nazis and Palestinians could collaborate as much as they want, Left and Palestinians could try to deceive the world as much as they wish, ultimately the truth is with Israel. Therefore, naturally Israel will be the victorious one.

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