Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Stupidity of Left about Egypt!

Egypt is getting more interesting. The Left is screaming that U.S and Israel are destroying democracy in Egypt through court systems. They claim that U.S is pressuring Egypt. Well, U.S is giving Egypt more than Two-Billion Dollars. Why would U.S pay this country when they are electing a group of people who are going to act in opposite direction U.S national interest? Why would you pay someone when they are going to hurt your own interest? Why would U.S want to contribute to a country who elect a group of people who have no respect for minority rights, women rights, gay rights, and of course are itching to destabilize the region? Yes! Muslim Brotherhood will literally deliver all that and of course U.S and Israel are not going to sit quietly. One look at Egypt and it will bring back the memories from the Iranian Revolution.
Now the Left is crying for Egypt and the fact that they canceling the elections. Election results have been announced yet and the Islamist are declaring themselves as winners. In the beginning, they said that they are not going to get involved in the election process. Then they got involved and now they are calling themselves the winners. How honest of this group? Sooner or later, they are going start killing because they feel that the election was stolen from them. If the Islamists win the election, they are going to start killing too and remove the opposition from the picture. They are also going to pass law limiting individual and minority rights and then set themselves as the rulers. Then the Left is going to cry: “these groups who have nothing to do with Islam STOLE the Revolution” just like the way they did about Iran. Left never took responsibility for what happened in Iran.
Either way, if you would like to know what will happen in Egypt, go to, go to the Farsi section, and read some of the comments that Iranians are writing regarding the situation in Egypt. They are all warning Egypt not to allow Islamist to take control. At the end, I am amused with the Left and their stupid position. Do they ever learn from history? How could they justify groups such as Muslim Brotherhood? What do they expect from this group? They really think nothing is going to change in Egypt?
My position: let Egypt become Islamist. It is the process that they have to go through and get ready for WAR. Egyptians have to be held responsible for their stupidity and uneducated outbursts. I have read a lot of material from these protesters and one sound crazier than the other one. It is time to give these people what they want and hold them accountable. Hey you want to destroy the peace with Israel: no problem we will simply take back Sinai. We will also cut the U.S aid and you could have lovy dovy relationship with Iran. Ultimately, just like Iranians who deplore this regime, they will get a dose of reality check. Egypt needs this “reality check” and the dose of “political matureness”. Egyptians are politically immature at this point. They are going to vote based on religion and based on a belief that religion will solve their problems. They have no idea that it is going to put them in more trouble.
My message for U.S is to stop meddling in Egyptian Election Process if they actually are doing what the Left is accusing them of doing. The reason is very simple: it is a dangerous game. Cut the aid to this country and tell them that they need to mature up as a country in order to be welcomed in the political arena. Get ready for military show down just in case the Islamists become stupid enough to wage war and/or cancel the peace treaty with Israel. That is the only thing that could work in this process. Egyptians at this point hate Israel and they will also blame U.S for their shortcomings. U.S and Israel do not want to be involved in this process.

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