Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Fight for Israel is the Fight for Humanity

I read an article in and I must say I was very impressed. However, what caught my attention is this:
If a Jewish, democratic state is inherently discriminatory, indeed "racist," those who oppose it can be honored as "freedom fighters." If Israel "steals Arab lands," then those who struggle to regain what is rightfully theirs are reasonable. If Israeli settlements are "illegal," it is a crime that should be punished. This ugly portrait of Israel is intentional, one that has no descriptive shades, no positive images, or perspective. It is one-dimensional evil.
The power of propaganda is that it lacks critical thinking, the essence of brainwashing. Delegitimizing Israel, therefore, needs to be reconsidered not only as an informational problem, but as a philosophical issue.
For the first time in history, Christian and Muslim Jew-hatred, liberals, anarchists, fascists and communists, dictators and presidents have merged into a formidable coalition against Israel, an international, multi-faceted onslaught to bring Israel to its knees.

Propaganda lacks Critical Thinking:

For many years, I have been screaming that Palestinian Cause has been nothing but propaganda. When you are dealing with propaganda, it lacks critical thinking as this article mentions. Once it lacks critical thinking, you see many questionable stories of what is presented as “facts” to back their arguments. The perfect way of getting around is by making over-generalizing arguments such as “Gazans are starving” or “it is an open-air prisoner” or “Israel is a stolen land”. Once this kind of arguments is being made, it legitimizes the total destruction of Israel as an country and ultimately the brutal murder or removal of its people. Then my question is this: how would these people even support peace when they are resorting to deceits, lies, and propaganda to form an argument against a party to a negotiation process?! How does the “Shalom Akhshov (Peace Now)” or “Betzlem” legitimize their actions through being “pro-peace”? Plus, why would Israel even negotiate with such school of mind when the ultimate goal of your opposing party is your total destruction?! There is no answer to this question.
The lack of critical thinking in a “cause” or “method of thinking” is what would destroy a nation that is supporting such cause. History is perfect example of it and this region is the prime example of it. From Palestinian territories to Iran’s ruling regime to Egypt’s newly formed government, they have abandoned critical thinking and their living standards, their economy, their cultural progress, and many other aspect of their society are taking hits or been installed as the result of such disastrous move. Egypt is only beginning to walk down that path which is a government that lacks critical thinking. I cannot wait to see what happens to it.
Israel on the other hand has always kept open the critical thinking process. It has been done by guaranteeing the basic freedoms and protecting them by any means necessary. That is why Israel is THE ONLY FLOURISHING DEMOCRACY IN THE REGION!

Formidable alliance between Dictators, Faschists, Communists, Islamist...

As you go through that list, you could see who would jump on the Pro-Palestinian band wagon. They have one thing in common which is the “critical thinking” aspect of it. Many of these groups including “Islamist” are fierce enemies of “Critical Thinking”. Even the adversaries of “peace” have abandoned such thinking. Israel is not only protecting itself in this battle against these groups, Israel is the actual front line against dictator, fascists, communists, and people who lack of “critical thinking” and wants to remove it from the society by making claims that they are the ones who hold the “ultimate truth”. They are the one who are arguing that “look my ways is the truth of reality and if you deny it, you question it through ‘critical thinking’, you are denying the truth and therefore you have committed a crime.” This is the path to dictatorship and Middle-Ages mentality. Israel’s fight is not only to protect itself, rather than it is the fight for humanity. This is the ultimate fight of “good v. evil”. As history has proven it, good will always overcomes evil.
For the majority of the anti-Israel camp, most of these ideologies have been either destroyed, taken huge blows, and/or they are on their decline. The fight for Israel or to destroy Israel is a way for these groups to legitimize or revitalizing these bankrupt schools of thoughts by tapping into the old global anti-Semitism. They need to do this in order to buy support for their dying causes who are nothing but frauds or they are at their deathbeds. Israel will be victorious in this battle. There is no question about it, however, the question who wants to be on the right side of the history here.

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