Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Iranian Pilgrims or Accessory to Mass Murder?!

So much for Iranian Pilgrims in Syria!! So the reports are coming out and they are indicating the Iranian hostages taken by the Syrian Free Army (SFA) are either members of the Revolutionary Guards (IRG) or retired members of the same group. When dictators go down, other dictators worry. Here, even a small little child knows that Iran is supporting Syria militarily. Iran is not the only one who is doing it. Russia is also supporting this murderous regime. What makes this even worse is the fact that Iran considers itself an Islamic Regime. Technically speaking, this regime should be defending Muslims since being Islamic is sole justification and legitimacy of this regime. If they are not going to defend Muslims, on a bare minimum, they should not facilitate mass murders of Muslims.

One could argue that Iran is defending Muslims against SFA (more like a terrorist-apologists argument). However, more than 20,000 have been murdered. The numbers speak for itself. These 20,000 have not been Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, or any other religion. They have been Muslims. Therefore, according to Islamic Law, Iranian government should not be facilitating these murders.

However, this is an argument that you would make to a lay person who is not familiar with the Iranian Regime. People who are involved in Iranian Government’s history know very well that Iranian Regime has been supporting deadly dictators and murderous groups throughout its entire history of existence. Syrian Regime is only small part of the Iranian Government’s crimes against the region. They have always supported murderous groups and ideologies that would simply push through their agenda. As I have always said it, what else do you expect from the government who blatantly murdered and raped its own citizens when they were simply requesting basic freedoms? Is there anybody who truly thinks that this regime would show any sympathy for the victims of Syria who are being murdered by Assad? If anybody really thought that, they should get their heads checked because this Iranian Regime has had nothing but death and destruction in its history.

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