Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Russia Warns U.S not to Interfere in Syria

Russia is a gift to our humanity. I cannot stress that enough. From Soviet era to their blatant supports for dictators in the Middle East, they seem to have a very arrogant point of view. So, they are blatantly supporting the Assad Regime and they are pretty much the only reason why this regime is holding on to powers. Syrians are being murdered in broad daylight with Russian weapons, yet they are warning U.S not to interfere with the internal affair of Syria. Really?! See, these are the grandchildren of the Left who once had established the Leftist and Communist heaven for all and this current regime is the product. Now, they want to defend this deadly regime even if they do use chemical weapons. I am stunt. Sooner or later, Russia will pay for its crimes.

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