Sunday, August 05, 2012

15 Egyptian Police Dead: Direct Result of Propaganda

Israel is watching the South more than they are watching West Bank these days. For years, Egyptian government under Mobarak allowed anti-Israeli propaganda to pollute their airwaves to hide the short coming of the government. So, the end result ended up being a population of brained-washed terrorists-apologists. It ended up planting the seeds of hatred in the minds of its population. I have heard couple of their arguments and they are truly far from any sort of legitimate and reasonable argument. Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denying is an accepted fact in the hearts and minds of these Egyptians and now they have turned into hateful masses. However, having this kind of population is hurting nobody except Egyptians themselves.

Today in Egypt, 15 Egyptian police were murdered. Hybrid efforts by IDF and Israeli Air Force were able to quickly and efficiently suppress the attack and kill the terrorists who were able to infiltrate Israel for a brief period of time. Israel will always have enemies who are sworn to wipe this Jewish State off the map. There is no question about it. However, what troubles me is the fact that they are willing to murder their own people, in such high numbers, just to be able to kidnap one Israeli soldier. How pathetic is your country and your culture that acts like these are not condemn by every single Muslim religious leader?

I remember when Egypt was going through its transition from Mubarak to the current regime; the Leftists Wackos and Pro-Palestinian Camp were celebrating the fact that the masses were flying Palestinian Flags in their protests. They were celebrating the fact that Egypt, a regional partner in peace with Israel, is actually changing its government and they were hoping to have a government that would be against Israel. Now they got their wish and yes Muslim Brotherhood under Mursi has come to power. However, did it really help Egypt? Did it truly help Egyptians to achieve higher standard of living? Did it assist Egypt as a nation to become a better place? Nope, the end result is 15 of its own police officers are murdered.

This is what happens when you plant seeds of hatred for political gain. This is exactly what happens when you try to divert the attention by blaming a foreign entity for your own internal problem. The end results will be disasters for the citizens of that nation. It is the citizens of that nation who should acquire the mental maturity to stand up to these propagandas. Situation in Egypt and the blatant Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel are the product of recent years. It is the direct result of years of propaganda that has destroyed any relationship between reality and Egyptian views toward Israel. It will take years to repair the damage that has been done. It will create some headache for Israeli leaders and Israel as a nation; however, the end results will be disastrous for the Egypt as the country and Egyptian as the citizens of that country. Egyptians will be the one who would suffer the disastrous consequences. Events like what happened today will not be the first or the last ones. It is just the beginning of it. I am dying to know how Mursy would respond to the attack.

At the end, I applaud the Egyptian security services and their efforts in securing the border. Those Egyptian Police were innocent police officers who were doing nothing but their job which was securing a sovereign border. They were murdered in an act that was targeted to hurt the Jewish nation and Israel should mourn their death. I send my condolences to the families of the victims and let them know that they are in our hearts and prayers.

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