Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic 2012: Already an Embarrassment

So, the London Olympics are starting today. I really do not care for it and neither will I have the time to watch it. What truly pissed me off are the disgraceful actions of the OIC in rejecting the idea to hold a moment of silent for the massacre of the Israeli Olympic Athletes in Munich in 1972. Of course, their excuse was basically that they do not want to politicize Olympic Games. That is by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard. However, this is simply an absolute fabrication. The reason that they did it was to basically avoid pissing off Muslims in Britain and participants in the Olympic. They are simply too Anti-Semitic to accept their mistake in massacring those athletes. However, what even makes it better is the fact that Palestinian wrote a letter to OIC THANKING THEM FOR NOT HOLDING THE MOMENT OF SILENT. Are you seriously kidding me? Here is part of what was written in that letter that made me laugh:

"Sport is a bridge for love, unification and for spreading peace among the nations," he wrote. "It must not be a cause for divisiveness and for the spreading of racism."

Let me tackle those issues.

Sports is a bridge for love, unification and for spreading peace among the nations

If sports are a bridge for love, why did your people murder those athletes? If those were not your people, why aren’t you condemning the attack and instead you are thanking them? If you would love to build that bridge for love and unification, how come Palestinian Authority does not say “we made a mistake and now we are looking for peace”? Oh man, the global Anti-Semitism never ever fail to surprise me especially when it allows for groups like these to turn into these guardians of “peace” and “unity” when they are simply supporting an act of murder that took place Forty years ago. Forty years has passed and these terrorists still have not realized what a murderous act they committed against those innocent athletes. As a matter of fact, they are proud of that act.

It must not be a cause of divisiveness and for the spreading of racism

So, anytime you try to point out the murderous acts by terrorists from Palestinian groups, it is racism. These people and the Pro-Palestinian Camp should be put on trial for the crimes they have committed in terms of global definitions. They have absolutely devalued and made a mockery of the word “racism”. They have turned this word into something that you could throw around and nobody would simply care. “Spread of Racism”? Who is the “Racist” one here? Those who murder athletes simply because they were Jews? Who committed the act of “Racism”? The only reason OIC is not holding the moment of silent is because of the fact the athletes who were murdered were Jews. They are trying to cater to the Racist mindset of their Muslim viewers. That is the ONLY reason. If these athletes were part of any other religion or race, OIC would have dedicated especial shows or artwork to them.

At the end, Israel does not need anybody to feel sorry for her. Thank G-d Israel is powerful enough to defend herself. However, events like these should act as an eye-opener for those Leftists Jews who think that the world will support and defend them if and when some group tries to target them. Events like these should point to the fact and nobody in this world will defend Jews except Israel.

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