Sunday, July 01, 2012

Iranian Government and Iron Dome

Iran is making a lot of dumb moves these days. I really do not understand the purpose of these comments that Revolutionary Guard is trying to make. Here is the latest one:

As European oil embargo kicks in, Tehran announces three-day surface-to-surface missile drill. Revolutionary Guards general: We'll soon launch missile that can hit Iron Dome defense system

Could it be that they are making these comments for deterrent reasons? Then the questions become: do they even understand the concept of Iron Dome? It is widely believed that Iranian missile programs are 1960s and 1970s technology. They are about Forty (40) years behind. Israel on the other hand has up-to date technology that addresses various threats from its neighbors. One of these technologies is radar and electric jamming technology. That means Israel has technology that could jam and fry computer chips and electrical brain of these missiles. Even if Iran is successful to get these missiles off the ground, due to large distance between Iran and Israel, it will give plenty of time for Iron Dome to intercept these missiles that are headed toward Iran.
These kinds of comments are extremely unproductive. Ultimately, Iran needs to realize that end result will only have destruction for Iran as a country. Of course, these rulers of Iran simply do not care for that. For them, the end goal is something else other than Iranian national interest.


Sadegh Shafiee said...

Yaap , a country with 2 million students in various majors in thousand of university across the country , simply live in 60th technology , why because of stupid exceptionalism syndrome across western hemisphere or simply ignorance when it comes to "the others' , Common no offense but your assumption it is like cracking a Big"O" joke
as a persian like to give you an advise , 1400 years ago when arabs came to our border we make same mistake that you guys are doing today , we underestimate them to the extend that our generals didn't bother to ask for backup , we gave up our empire in less than 4 wars ( 9 months ) , History is repeating

Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...

The 60th Technology had nothing to Western Exceptionalism Syndrome.

The issue is very simple: Iran chose to reject West after the Revolution. They called them the enemy and disconnected itself because they thought they could do it better. Did they? Of course not!

No body knows exactly what would happen to Iran if the wear breaks out but it will not be a good result.