Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joke of the Week: Iranian Government and Terrorisim

Here is the joke of the week.

It seems like events in Syria have been providing me with many “Joke of the Weeks” articles. So the opposition forces in Syria conducted a deadly attack on a military base that took out three ministers. This counts as a huge victory for the Syrian Free Army. However, the aftermath of this attack is what I am worried about right now. I know for fact that Assad is going to respond and his way responding to such event is murdering more women and children to strike terror into the oppositions’ hearts. However, the joke of the week is not what happened in Syria. It is Iranian Regime’s response to this attack. Take a good look at what Press TV who is Propaganda Antenna of the Islamic Republic of Iran for foreign audiences put on their first page of their webpage.
So, let me get this straight. When a Hamas Suicide bomber walks into a bus or a restaurant or a public forum and murders women and children, and during the process, the perpetrator will take every action feasibly possible to murder as many civilians including women and children that is not a terrorist attack according to Iranian government. When Hamas packs those explosives with poisonous nails to cause more death to civilians and when they purposely target civilians that is not considered a terrorist attack. However, an attack on a military installation by the people of the same country, whose goal is simply to change the government that is ruling over them, and takes out heads of execution units of the country, that is considered a terrorist attack according to the Iranian Government’s logic? Oh boy the irony! Seriously?!?!
This signifies the brutality and murderous nature of the Iranian regime. They label the murdering of women and children as heroic act for Jihad, however targeting and successfully eliminating the people who are murdering their own citizens is considered to be a terrorist attack. This is also a perfect example that could be thrown at the Pro-Palestinian Camp and their terrorist apologist friends who love to defend the Iranian Regime and of course Palestinians. They love to use Iranian Propaganda against Israel and a lot of times I do not see a difference between their rhetoric and the terrorist-apologist rhetoric when it comes to Israel. Oh yeah, they always loved to deny it a terrorist attack in Israel and now they see their buddy Iran is actually taking actions that is incredibly harmful to their cause. Oh the irony of this situation is staggering.
As funny as it sounds when it comes to Iranian Government’s logic, today was a huge success for the Syria’s opposition. However, as I said above, I am worried about the aftermath of this actions and the how Assad would respond to this blow. With regards to Iran and their logic, I am stunt but again, when a country is ruled by bunch of incompetent morons who live in 7th century style mindset and murders its own citizens to prolong its existence, could anybody really expect anything different rather than double standards like these? What stunts me is that at least do not make any comment. At least, on a bare minimum, just do not say anything so you do not make yourself look this stupid. What could you do? When you have an absolutely bankrupt ideology that is decaying by the second, you would abandon logic in the process just like this regime has and do things that end up entertaining news junkies like me.

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