Friday, July 20, 2012

Best Revenge: Live and Prosper

There was another attack that targeted Jews abroad. I tried to read some of the comment that people leave on news articles. One of these websites that I visited to review the comments was Huffington Post. Most of the comments in the site were truly disgusting. Huffington Post is a Mecca for Liberals. I saw a lot of “what goes around, comes around” or “what about the Palestinians who are dying” or “Media is lying to you, they are not teenagers” or “here comes the Zionists whining again and playing the victim” or “here is the license to kill for the Israelis” or…
I could keep going on and on but honestly there is no point. These people (Liberal Left) will always remain the same and there is no point in trying to analyze their way of thinking. There is nothing anybody could do except share some of the stories. I read many reports and one of the saddest things I read was in BBC. Here is the part that truly got me:
Yedioth Ahronoth reports on how "the most tragic day in the life of Itzik Shriki began as one of the happiest". His wife, Kochava, 42, had just found out she was pregnant for the first time and had been breaking the news to her family. She was the only woman killed by the explosion.
As Jews, we are not strangers when it comes losing innocent victims to terrorism. Almost everybody in Israel has someone in their families or personally knows someone who is a victim of terror. The Liberal Left, Pro-Palestinian Camp, Terrorist Apologists, and other groups of people who actively try to justify terrorism against Israelis and Jews will always provide the moral support for ugly acts like these. Iranian Regime, who is the biggest suspect right now, always quotes to those people in order to establish their hatred and justify their actions. They use it to deceive their own people (who by the way have had enough of it).
They could try to bomb as many buses as they want. They could try to kill as many civilians as they want. All it would do is that it would unify Jews and paint a better picture of the type of people that Israel has to fight. Iran and Hezbollah will ultimately pay the price for this bloodbath they caused. The terrorist apologists just like the ones in Huffington Post would of course try to justify attacks like these. At the end, Israel has to just live. The best way to take revenge on these people is to simply go on with life, live, and prosper.
These groups think that it is a major victory for them if they kill innocent people. Looking at those comments in Huffington Post, you could see the joy in the tone that was used in order to justify the killing. Unlike these people who think killing of innocent people is the best revenge, the best revenge or reaction to this attack is to simply live and prosper. Unlike these people, Israel is motivated to create peace and prosperity. The best answer to these people would be for Israel to prosper and for the Israelis to be happy.
My sincere condolences to the victims and their families.

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