Monday, July 02, 2012

New Palestinian Propaganda Tactic: Provocation and Media

It has been a while I have not covered any stories about lies and deceits that the fraudulent Palestinian Cause utilize to defame Israel and Jews. Make no mistakes; it has nothing to do with Israel as a country. It has to do with the fact that it is the Jewish states. Yes, I know, there are Jews among them too. However, as I have always responded, so what?! There were Jews who collaborated with the Nazis too. There were Jews who collaborated with Communist and the Red Army too who ruthlessly murdered Jews in the Soviet Union. Trotsky himself was a Jew.
However, nowadays we are witnessing a shift in tactics. Since these terrorist apologists and the supporter of the Palestinian Cause have been caught numerous times fabricating pictures and videos, they have switched tactics. They are now focusing on provocative measures to make the soldiers lose their temper and lash out at them. Of course, as you could see in this picture, there are camera people waiting to capture that moment. The title will read: “Peaceful protester was attacked by Angry Israeli soldier.”
If you have any doubt it, look at the head scarf of the girl who is holding the camera. That in itself blatantly proves that this person is not a news reporter and they have prejudicial views toward Israel. Look how eagerly she is waiting for the moment. On the other hand, look at this Israeli soldier and how disciplined he is in terms of dealing with dumb protesters.
For a second, try to forget this conflict. How would you react if someone approaches you like this terrorist apologist has approached this soldier? Forget all the risks that this soldier might be facing, would anybody and I mean anybody allow another person get this close to them? And look at the two camera people eagerly waiting for their moment. How is this helping Palestinian Cause?
The big question is this: why would these guys (Pro-Palestinians and Terrorist Apologists) need to resort to this kind of tactics? If the truth is on their side, if the justice is on their side as they claim, why would they need to provoke a soldier to attack them? Don’t these guys call themselves “peaceful” protesters? Which part of this is peaceful? How’s provocation a “peaceful” act? If they need to raise awareness for the Palestinian plight under the “evil” Israelis, why do they need to resort to act like these to buy sympathy? The answer is very simple: THE REASON IS BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH OR JUSTICE IN THEIR ARGUMENT. They are fueled by hatred and hatred will force one to abandon common sense and reality. They would resort to acts to alter reality to fit into their arguments which is rooted in their inner hatred. How come these protesters do not dare to pull the same stunt on Syrian soldiers, Chinese Soldiers, Iranian Soldiers, Saudi Arabian soldiers, and … (I could go on forever)? The Palestinian Cause is a fraudulent cause that could not survive by utilizing truth, reality, and justice. This is why they will ultimately lose this battle with Israel.

Source: Israellycool

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Anonymous said...

Palestinian terrorists are rewriting the ancient history of the Middle-East.

So then follow Israel's ancient history. Google: (Assyria, Babylon, Biblical, Cush, Egypt and Elam Confirmations)