Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Joke of the Week

I read this quote form this mass murderer of his own citizens and I could not stop laughing. I know, Syria and death is no laughing matter, but for the love of G-d, how could this man be so stupid. Here is the quote:

BERLIN (AP) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he is not afraid of meeting the same fate as the deposed and disgraced leaders of Libya and Egypt, saying he has nothing in common with them.

He is right about one thing. He does not have any thing in common with those guys. He is a much bigger killer than the others. He has also been successful to some extend to create a rift by utilizing the liars and corrupt rulers of Iran to promote his murderous tactics. Well, Mr. Assad here is my message for you: “you are right, you are not like them. You are a much bigger killer than they are and believe me the faith that is awaiting you is going to be far worse than those rulers. Enjoy your last breaths!”


Anonymous said...

oh great a dumb right wing pro zionist Iranian with half a brain

Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...


I accept your contention about being Pro-Zionist Iranian. However, the part about "dumb" and "half brain" or "right wing" is something you have got to prove.

Given that response to this post, I believe you'll have a hard time proving either one of those accusation.

People like you love to throw in accusation without any sort of proof to back it up and ultimately make a full out of themselves.