Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Camp for Children in Gaza Strip

It is summer time and many young kids attend camps. In Gaza Strip, they also attend camps. Except these camps operate as brain-washing tools for Hamas. Here is the quote:

Gaza presents: 'Prisoners' summer camp'
Hamas movement offers children throughout Strip unique chance to experience suffering of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. Activities include tour of mock interrogation room, walking on rusty nails
Elior Levy Published: 07.11.12, 12:22 / Israel News

When I first saw it, my response was “so what?” Then I realized this is worth sharing with others. The reason is because the terrorist-apologists and the Left loves throw bumper sticker slogans such as “Gaza is a concentration camp” or “open air prison”. They claim that it is the Israeli policies that are making life unbearable for Gazans and there are record numbers of Human Rights violations. None of them would ever point any finger at the ruling regime of Gaza.
News articles like this show the disgusting system that is put in place in Gaza to brainwash little kids. These camps operate to raise future suicide bombers and utilize these kids to achieve murderous goal of the terrorist groups. These camps are simple terrorist training camps for future terrorists. If they are not going to be future terrorists, they would be useful tools to protect their military assets that Israel would target in future conflicts. These kids will grow to always blame Israel and hate the Jews. Hamas is simply planting the seeds of hatred in these youngsters to validate future support for its extremist’s agenda and plans for the future. The situation in Gaza is in direct result and policies of the Palestinians and the ruling regime of this region. You could blame Israel as much as you want and the world of course would buy those claims (due to its inherited Anti-Semitism), however the truth is far from what is being depicted by the terrorist apologists.
The fact that you expose little kids to this kind of lies, to this kind of treatment, and hurt them physical by walking over rusting nails is child abuse. Where is the U.N. to condemn it? Where are Human Rights Groups? Aren’t these kids being subjected to these horrific treatments? Here is the better questions: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PARENTS? What kind of parents would allow their kids to walk on Rusty nails and have them physically hurt at a camp to learn about treatment of others? This is where this quote explains this whole situation, “We will have peace in the Middle East when Palestinians love their kids more than they hate Israel.”

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