Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hamas's Response to Palestianian Dissent: EXECUTION!

Developing news in Gaza is more troubling than ever. So, 20 people decided to stand up to this genocidal terrorist group of Hamas. How did this terrorist organization deal with the dissent? Well, they just EXECUTED them. This barbaric terrorist organization does not even have mercy on Palestinian blood, the same blood that they have sworn to avenge and protect.
They are intentionally and directly spilling this blood just because they are not in agreement with them. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Left who call this group “freedom fighters” or humanitarian group: how do you guys even support this group? Could you imagine if Israel hadn’t fought these guys at this stage and what they would have done couple of years down the road? How could you call this group a democratic group with amazing values when they quickly remove any dissent? Hamas is a terrorist organization whose hands are soaked with Palestinian blood. They are directly responsible for the death of innocent Palestinians by using them as human shields, but now you could add another category of people which is people they simply do not agree with at any point. Well, the world is going to ignore this, just like they are focused on the hospital that was bombed by Hamas and blamed Israel, they would like to link Israel to it too. I would like to see where are all the so-called peace-loving Human Right groups? Where is U.N.? I thought it was the Palestinians and their lives, what gives? Why are they absolutely silent on these? This proves that these groups are motivated only by hatred and nothing more; because these people were Palestinian who were killed by Hamas in broad day-light and executed, is not really the type of blood that these groups feel is worth mentioning in their “human-loving” condemnation. Plus, who says that they were really innocent?

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