Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Gaza Needed Construction Materials

Who remembers the Flotilla and all B.S that it had with it? Remember, how they were crying over Israeli Blockade and how it is making Palestinians suffer? Remember how Israel was blocking the import of construction materials especially cement? Who remembers that? Remember how terrorist apologist were running around screaming about how Israel does not allow the import of cement? Who could tell me why they were so adamant about construction materials and cement? What happened? These terrorist apologists, NGOs, so-called "peace activists", and other nuts were directly collaborating with Hamas in order to build a terrorist infrastructure inside Gaza. They are all equally guilty of the current situation with Hamas. The recent conflict proves more than ever the importance of Israeli Blockade in Gaza. It proves that Israel's security is directly related to this blockade. So, those terrorist apologists are actually responsible for the civilian deaths in Gaza because all those construction materials, all that money, and the energy was spent on finding creative ways to kill Jewish civilians as oppose to actually helping Gazans. Next time you see someone crying over situation in Gaza, tell them about this situation.

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