Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Look at the "Religion of Peace" Government of Iran!

A month ago, I wrote about this whole new campaign in Iran in order force Iranians to dress more with accordance to Islam. Iranian state run television, IRIB, has been showing clips of enforcing these Islamic codes. In those clips, there are these female police, dressed in complete black garments, and stopping people very peacefully. Then they talk to these girls who choose not to dress like them, and they simply ask them about their opinion about what Muslim women should dress like. Then they advice these females about that they should not do dress like this outside and bla bla bla....and then they would let them go!

GUESS WHAT!? BULLSHIT!!!!!!! Close to 15,000 teenagers have been detained, fined, and in some case lashed. This clip I have posted shows only a fraction of government violence toward Iranian women. There is no need for translation, the female is screaming, "I don't want to go, I don't want to go! Why are you doing this to me?!" This clip has not been edited; music and special effects have not been added to make it look more dramatic. No body is giving a speech to somehow explain the situation. There is no reference to South Africa or Dr. Martin Luther Kin Jr. THIS IS THE TRUE REALITY OF IRAN! And our beloved women right movements have been sitting quietly and just focusing on how to bash republicans!

Another issue about this clip is that it is supposedly against "the religion of peace" to touch women who is not either your sister or wife or mother. I guess in this case, since you are defending Islam, you could do whatever you want in the name of Islam, even it if it means violating the same law. SO MUCH FOR RELIGION OF PEACE!


Anonymous said...

This boils my blood!

Anonymous said...

I get your point women deserve to be ethically treated, but not the video. all it shows is someone being arrested. I could get you thousands of videos of americans screaming as they are being arrested. it lacks the true actin or crime this video just starts at the end during the time in which she is being placed in a car

Ben Kahen said...

She is being treated like a criminal because of the way she has dressed which is not in accordance with Islamic Rules of Iran. This is being done by the government and not just average joe on the street. That's the difference between the vidoes you are talking about and this video.

Masha said...

good insight!