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Propaganda Song from Iran

Translation of the Song: “1. The days of War [referring to 8 years of bloody war between Iran and Iraq] were beautiful days. 2. The days of separation [between families and loved ones in war] were beautiful days. 3. I wish the war would not have ended so we could become Karbalayee [meaning Shahid or Martyr.] 4. During the days of the war I used to be a little kid. 5. I wasn’t in the war, but I was close to them [referring to soldiers.] 5. Their memories of those war days will never escape my mind. 6. My heart will fly when the memories of being martyr will come to me. 6. A mom has the eyes on the door wondering why her son hasn’t returned from the war yet. 7. After a couple of days, her son would return by being carried on top of people’s hands. 8. However after the war, we got separated from the good men. 9. The gray uniform was forgotten and we became unfaithful to them.”

Analysis:How could he call such days beautiful? Does he have any idea what Iran or Iranian went through in those days? Well, let me summarize some of it: about 1.5 million Iranian youngsters died in that so called “imposed” war. Back then, Iranian population was about 50 million people. Almost 2% of Iranian population died as the result of that war. After the revolution, religious government of Iran was under impression that they were sent by G-d and they possessed special powers. They immediately started exporting the ideology of their revolution and they were very open about it. They started with Shiite community in Iraq. Saddam Hussein took advantage of the opportunity and responded with a full blown attack. These morons in ruling government of Iran, not only were not able to export their revolution, now they had invited a foreign ruthless army into Iran through their stupid worthless policies. Many cities of Iran were completely destroyed such as Abadan and Khoramshahr. Another stupid part of this is that after the revolution, Khomeini executed almost all of Iranian Defense Forces generals. Who replaced them? According to Ayatollah Montazery, Mullahs such as Ayatollah Khalkhali and Montazery of the Iran started giving military orders and they became military strategist. Think about it for a second, these morons from Qum had turned into military strategist over night. The results: military attacks and moves that turned out to be the stupidest moves in the history of warfare. They had no value for the lives of their soldiers. Quoting from Khomeini, becoming Shahid (Martyr) is the best thing that could happen to an Iranian and therefore when we plan to attack we will keep that in mind. Even now, every year, there is this day that they will deliver the remains of unknown soldiers and that were discovered in that year. They have no idea how many soldiers they lost or what happened to majority of them. They absolutely had no value or any sort of respect the lives of their own citizens during that war. The war was over in 1982, with about 50 to 60 thousands casualties in Iran. But Khomeini and Iranian government did not want to sign the cease fire deal because they thought they could destroy Iraq. They had this slogan that the road to Jerusalem starts from Iraq. Iranian government kept the war going to pursue their own satanic goals for the region without any regards to how many people were actually dying. NOW THIS MORON IS SINGING THAT HE MISSES THE WAR DAYS.

Another interesting thing is that this war benefited Iranian government more than anybody else. This war was a good excuse to execute all of their oppositions after the revolution. This war unified everyone behind the government in order to protect Iran. I do not believe Iranian fought this war for this government but rather they fought it for Iran. However, this government took advantage of the people and kept the war going when it was completely over.

The funny part is Iranian government today is utilizing the same tactic in order to reunify people. This song is the best proof of it. They even say that after the war, people became unfaithful. Yes, they did not want to fight wars anymore, they wanted to go about their own daily lives and rebuild Iran. However, Iranian government needs conflicts because it will unify people and distract the citizens from criticizing the government’s action. Of course this moron is missing the days of the war when the citizens were too busy fighting and not realizing what is this murderous government doing to Iran. Now they are trying to start up a conflict by defying the international community by trying to acquire nuclear weapon. I can see why more songs like this are coming out.



I respect Iranians that defended their country against Saddam in the 1980s.

But the whole "Marg bar Israel" thing while buying weapons from Israel was incredibly hypocritical of the government and its supporters.

Ben Kahen said...

Hey dude, I can understand why you don't like Nazi Pouya, but don't disrespect anybdoy please. Keep this Blog as civilized as possible.

Anonymous said...

fadel. man y did u even bother and tag me in this shit u think u suffer well we have a mini iran in lebanon this is going to face me before it faces u...u should tag some stupid and ignrant ppl..and u know i have been giving it a thought for the last two days .... i am going to lebanon tomorrow and hounestly this is our yes our "as the israelis and leabnese goverment" last chance of survival and i think its a good time to work toegether....if hezballah intiates a civil war and wins ur screwed u will have to deal with them too, actually we are both screwed and if iran stays the way it is they are going to screw us both too...i dont know this is bullshit me as a US not yet citizen but my parents are i think they should nuke them and end this shit right where it is and i dont mind if they nuke lebanon, just get over with this shit

Ben Kahen said...


we don't need to nuke anybody. I have said it million times, we should support student movement in Iran to gain movements and change the nature of this ruthless government. I don't think Israel is going to be fucked, we just upgarded arrow missles to 2.5 and Israel is compeletely shield. However, this is not about Israel, it is about Iran and the region!

Ben Kahen said...

ohh by the way Fadel:

question: doesn't it look like the crap that you see from Hizbollah in Lebanon?

Anonymous said...

no man its not this intense and in the open though it exists but i dont think its gone this come on dont tell me u r safe man dont give me this shit lets be hounest here..weapons aint no good against this ppl and u know it...death is the last thing on his mind and u on the other side want to go back to ur familly i dont care how much weapons u have but wen 30,000 kids marshed to mine feilds in the gulf war to help their army i think they have no cure they are like me this is the last battle for all mnorities in the middle east...ALL including jewsish, me and u live in the states and we know that US will not interfere not so ever...there is no way with all the opposition...everyman is for himself now...and hounestly i think they are gaining the upper side no matter wat u say u have missles well wat about ur tourisim and economy they don give a shit about theirs..they depend on fuel no matter wat they are still going to make that money...fadel

Anonymous said...

Arash the Israeli Occupation Soldier, please give a disclaimer when addressing matters Iran-related like this one:


"My name is Arash. I was born in Iran. I came to the US when I was 12. I am an extremist Zionist who joined the Israeli Occupation Forces for one month (until they kicked me out). Nevertheless, I am a fervent Zionist extremist and when I view the world, I do so with Israel in mind.

I don't give two shits for Iran, but since the Islamic government in Iran is opposed to Israel, I will oppose it when I can find an issue like political prisoners or lack of social freedoms in iran.

I don't really care about freeing political prisoners bc if I did, I'd be supportive of the tens of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israel's dungeons. Or if I cared about freedom, I'd be working against the MILITARY OCCUPATION of the West Bank. I don't care about these things, I just like to pick at it when it comes to Iran bc Iran is really bad for not being nice to Israel. Iran is not nice to Israel bc it doesn't support our dispossession of Palestine. This makes me sad. I cry about it and to make myself feel better, I caress the Israeli made bullets I brought home from Israel. So I like to talk bad about Iran every chance I get. Now if Iran was just as oppressive under a regime that was pro-Israel, I would give them nothing but praise left and right."

Anonymous said...

Arash, how many times must I tell you, get your facts straight:

Iran's population was anywhere between 32-36 million at the start of the war, not 50 million.

Iran had many non-cleric commanders in the war.

Continuing the war in 1982 did not have to do with crushing the "oppositions". By the summer of '82, the opposition had already been crushed. The Mujahideen uprising was done.

The war was continued bc Iran had Saddam now on the defensive and he wasn't to be trusted. If Iran stopped w the offensive giving Saddam to time to re-group, there's no telling whether he would attack again or not. This is not a far-fetched inference as he invaded another country (Kuwait) right after the war ended w Iran.

In hindsight, the decision to continue the war was disastrous but there's no way of knowing this.

And never was the objective to destroy Iraq. What are you talking about? Why do you think Iran is so close to Iraq right now? Bc many Iranians and many Iraqis (at least the majority Shias) know that it was a war not between Iran and Iraq, but between Iran and Saddam, which is why post-Saddam Iraq is now so close to Iran, even though they fought 8 years of war.

Are you learning yet? Please leave the Middle East analysis to the informed, not the racist bias Israeli OCCUPATION solder (i.e. you).

And speaking of Satanic goals, what about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Is that not Satanic? Or is okay bc you agree w it?

Ben Kahen said...


what was difference between 1982 and 1988? Are you telling me that Khomeini trusted Saddam in 1988??

Pouya, based my text book that was from 1992 Iran's population in 1987 almost the end of the war was about 50 million people.

Speaking of the war between Iran and Saddam:

Pouya do you remember the rape that took place in Khoramshahr and Abbadan or the villages in South West of Iran??? YOU ARE TELLING ME SADDAM RAPED ALL THOSE WOMEN?

Iran kept the war going because they kept thinking they could take over Iraq and turn it into their terrirtory, remember the slogan: Jang Jang Ta Piroozi? (War war till victory??!) Oh wait, you were not even in Iran!

ONLY SHIITES ARE CLOSE TO IRAN and the Sunnis that are close to Iran are simply being bought by millions of the dollars and weapon given to them from Iran.

During the war, and even after the war, they had created this atmosphere of terror for any kind of opposition view.

Pouya, you really are not informed but rather apologist for terrorists!

Anonymous said...

"ONLY SHIITES ARE CLOSE TO IRAN and the Sunnis that are close to Iran are simply being bought by millions of the dollars and weapon given to them from Iran."

That's the majority of Iraq dumbass.

And yes, I've heard that quote and I've heard many more. If you want to infer that you know more about contemporary Iran than I do since you were raised there then I can say the same about today's Iran bc I was there for 3 months last year where you haven't been since you were 12.

You keep talking about Iran's student movement and how you wish "we" would support them to change the regime in Iran (only bc you want what's best for Israel) but you haven't been to Iran recently to know that the student groups you keep talking about are not homogenous. Student groups also exist that are pro-regime and they are very very organized and powerful. As to the student groups that are against the regime, in all honesty, they don't pose a real challenge for regime change, no way.

And if you're going to talk about Iran, be specific. You said 50 million during the war, but you didn't say when during the war. At the beginning there was no 50 mil, but at the end, maybe, although I still think it's a stretch.

I forgot to comment on the first blogger when he said "Israel for life..."

Israel for life? You sound like a gang member. Then again, the Israeli state does act like a gangster murder at times.

And yes, what I said about the war not being ended in '82 stands. It did, however end in 88 bc destroying the Saddamist threat was no longer feasible like in '82.

Oh, and there's no hypocrisy behind buying weapons from Israel. Did you ever think that some of those weapons could be sent to Hezbollah against Israel. If so, it's not hypocrisy but strategy.

Ben Kahen said...

Student groups also exist that are pro-regime and they are very very organized and powerful

are you talking about the Basiji Gang in Universities?!! Dude, those are not students but rather brain washed Basiji Chaghookeshes who are put there by the government to neutralize the students. They are weakened because they are constantly being jailed, tortured, or killed.

One example of this was the so called "student" protest in front of British Embassy a while ago. They were like 40-50 year old men, how the hell were they students.

I really truely have faith in those students because they are secular who call for the will of the nation, not authority of religion and velayateh fagheeh!

Another thing was about you being there for three months: dude..i went to Islamic school there. I know how it feels to chant death to american 10 times in the morning before going to class, and after we would go to class, we all knew what a bullshit it was.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now you speak for ALL students in Iran.

And yes, I studied at Tehran Univ and yet, I would never pretend to speak on behalf of all of Tehran University's students or better yet, I would not speak on behalf of all of Iran's university students, or even better, I would never speak on behalf of all Iran's students, but you went to an Islamic school, so you get to speak about all of Iran's students and also, you even sometimes get to speak on behalf of all of Iran.

Wow. You must be God bc you seem to be omniscient.

Please O murderous occupation soldier, you do not represent anybody in Iran. You only respresent your murderous ideology.

I don't care if you like the pro-regime students, I never said I did, I was just trying to point out to you that they exist, they do so in high numbers, and are very committed.

So when you talk about the opposition in Iran and its strength, their strength must be evaluated with the strength of their opposition, which is very strong.

Anonymous said...

What are you guys arguing about?

I think we both know that a revolution in Iran is coming and will happen in the next 20 years. The only real thing we should be worried about is whether it will turn violent.

The secular people outnumber the incompetent radicals, and with 30 percent unemployment, it really won't take long.

Once again, worry about the violence. The secular revolution is a done deal.

Ben Kahen said...


Don't allege things that I haven't said, I never said I speak for all Iranians or Iranian students.

Like I said, Iranian student movement in Iran is Iran's best bet to path to a true democracy. They have the respect of the nation, and at the same the opposition student groups that are now growing thank to Government funding to neutralize them will not achieve anything through their aggressive tactics. An example of it is recent clashes in Amir Kabir Universtiy where major clashes took place.

Another thing about the student movement in Iran is that they are extremely powerful in blog writting. Iran has most amount of bloggers than any other country in the world and majority of them use these blogs to criticize the government and standard of living in Iran. Read some of them! You'll learn something!

Anonymous said...

You didn't explicitly say you speak on behalf of Iran's students, but you always pretend to speak on behalf of everyone, i.e. "I know how it feels to chant death to american 10 times in the morning before going to class, and after we would go to class, we all knew what a bullshit it was."

See, you are talking about an experience you had in Iran and you are implying, based on that experience, all students feel that way.

Get it?

And I know about the bloggers. Here's the thing, they are still a small minority. Even if there were 1 million anti-regime bloggers, which there isn't, they are still a minority.

We can say this, yes, a majority, large majority of Iran's bloggers are anti-regime, but bloggers, like cab drivers, represent a certain constituency.

So you can't say that since a majority of Iran's bloggers are anti-regime, then a majority of Iran's population is anti-regime bc only a certain group people in Iran blog.

In other words, in the past few posts, I am trying to teach you about representation and generalizations.

Are you learning?

Ben Kahen said...

first of all:

I am speaking about my own experience in Iran, and from what I saw, I am not saying every student in Iran felt that way and stuff like that. It is my own experience and my own opinion about it.

About majority of Iranian bloggers, they represent the sect of the society that is fed up with this government. They are the only one that have any means to soemhow express their opinion. I am sure the cab driver in Iran, if he was able to express his opinion, he would be a lot more critical of the situation in Iran.

You do not need to teach me about generalization.

Anonymous said...

Although I sure need to teach you how to spell.

Actually, see, you haven't been to Iran for most of your life so you wouldn't know from experience that the cab drivers in Iran say some of the most grotesque things about the gov't.

They all have a lot of nice things to say about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine too.

Arash, when are you going to oppose the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? You can charge critics of the cleansing w whatever you like, but it doesn't change the facts on the ground, no matter who says it.

When are you going to look at the Palestinians as human beings and oppose the occupation?

Anonymous said...

If the Palestinians converted to Judaism you'd oppose their murder wouldn't you... you racist son of a bitch!!!

Ben Kahen said...

Nazi Pouya:

There is no ethnic cleansing going on in that part of the world. Just because you love to name something ethnic cleansing, that doesn't mean it is true. However, I can see Palestinians love to commit such an act toward Israelis and they are very open about it!

Anonymous said...

and you call the persecution of thousands of palestinians nice???? If you haven't noticed, the guy singing is talking about martyrdom and spiritual connections that the war brought among people and not the actual war!! Plus the guy singing just had a 2 month stay in LA and DC and just left a few weeks ago.
May God guide you.

Anonymous said...

Ben I too have seen your pics on facebook. you ARE fat.

Ben Kahen said...

ohh thanx for all the comments on my looks. I had no idea you guys are trying to do me!

Anyways, mr. Anonymous, the guy's name is Helali or something like that. I don't believe in Martyrdom and I think the whole problem of the Middle East is glorifying such acts. What was the spritual connection? Killing your fellow muslim does not bring a spiritual connection. Spiritual connection was used to justify the killing.
Persecution of Palestinians is their own fault, if they hadn't supported Hamas and hasn't supported the killing of the Jews, if they would have stood up to terrorist group instead of harboring them, they wouldn't be in the situation that they are now!

Anonymous said...

"Persecution of Palestinians is their own fault..."


Here is Arash blaming the victims of the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

You are heartless and racist Arash, no doubt about it.

Before there was Hamaz, before there were any suicide bombings, there was the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION. So now it's there fault for fighting back?

That's like saying that Jews who fought back against Nazism and died doing so are to blame, not the Nazism that provoked any resistance.

Anyway, I saw the "fat" comment so I looked you up on facebook too. Arash, what happened man? You seem to have eaten too much falafel, which by the way, is Arab not Israeli, as much as I'm sure you'd like to claim the food along w the land your occupying as Israeli.

Ben Kahen said...

before the was occupation,
there was arab plan to destroy Israel and attacked Israel. Before that, there was declaration of war with Israel in 1948.

Palestinians are responsible for what is happening to them but supporting their corrupt leaders and always chosing the wrong side such as Saddam Hussein. THERE WAS A CHANCE FOR PEACE, WHAT DO THEY DO, THEY START EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT CALL FOR DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL AND THEY BRAINWASH THEIR KIDS ABOUT IT. THEY STARTED INTIFADA AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED AS RESULT OF THIS INTIFADA. So please, don't blame Zionist for it, It is their own fault, their own choices. It's called accountability for their own acts. Come on man, every country they stepped into, they led that war to internal problems such as Lebanon and Jordan. Don't ask me, ask Lebanese about how they view Palestinians. NAZI POUYA: I understand your goal is destory the Jewish homeland by any means necessary but look how many mistakes Palestinians have made. You give them democracy THEY CHOOSE HAMAS AND EXPECT THE WORLD THE RESPECT THEIR DECISION AND PAY THEM!!! THIS IS THEIR OWN FAULT!

Why is my weight an issue in this blogg???? I am in law school and I have been sitting down majority of my time, I have gained weight. Why is it an issue here?

Anonymous said...

arash the singer is not helali, it is someone else, that is from a hayat in rafsanjan, not tehran.

maybe you should go exercise and lose some weight chubbles. lolllllllll

Ben Kahen said...

pouya is that you who is making the fat jokes?

Anonymous said... i was reading the comments now u stopped making sense what is in palestine is ethnical cleaning yes palestinians caused problems in lebanon.But wat i want to comment about is the democracy that is so funny u gave them democracy they chose hamas so u killed them what kind of democracy is that? u tell them u can elect but u give them the results thats bullshit

Anonymous said...

and excuse my english....its not good to translate from french and arabic sorry

Anonymous said...

I swear that wasn't me that called your chubbles, but it was funny.

Arab plan to destroy Israel? Israel has destroyed the Arab presences in Palestine to a large degree.

War Criminal Arash, you have blood on your hands.

Ben Kahen said...

lol actually we didn't kill them!! we just stopped paying them!

Ben Kahen said...

sure whatever Nazi Pouya....
I am a war Criminal.....hahahahhaha

Who the hell is concerned w/ my weight?

yeah that was funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Arash: The Fascist War Criminal Occupation, are you censoring your comments again bc you don't like what people have to say?


I'm going to pay a very big personalized tribute to you on my blog by quoting you and then by embarrassing you.

Ben Kahen said...

I am going to censor you because of your hate speech! A lot of people have complained and I see there is no point in arguing with you! HATE SPEECH IS NO LONGER WELCOMED HERE!