Sunday, May 27, 2007

Remembering Memorial Day:

Today, as America readies herself to remember its soldiers, many try to take advantage of these dead soldiers for their own political gain. I am mainly concerned about the “Left” and Islamist sympathizers who call these soldier criminals and murderers, yet they claim they love them and they want them back home. They directly play into the hands of their killers by their protests and asking U.S to cut and run and allow the terrorist to take over Iraq. They openly call for U.S defeat in Iraq, and yet they are using this day for their own advantage to gain support for their cause. I personally know one guy who four years ago, used to say that “I can’t wait until Iraqis and Islamist rise up fuck Americans up!” and now that same person is writing about this day. These people openly support Islamist and their cause, and now they are concerned about these soldiers. They celebrate when these soldiers are killed in Iraq and now they are using this day to be sympathetic to these soldiers. I am not arguing whether going to Iraq was a mistake or not, what I am arguing about is dignity. I hate it when people get so low to use this day to gain credibility in the eyes of the people. I ask all the honorable people to use this day to remember these soldiers.

Dear soldiers: I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your services and for protecting America. No matter the outcome or what the media tries to portray, you are all heroes. I salute you!


tuliptree said...

I do not salute them!

Ben Kahen said...

Really? Why?

Anonymous said...

I think the USA has been in Iraq long enough, even though I think they've done a good thing. I propose gradual removal, all the while maintaining peace and stability in violent areas (much like during the Vietnam War.)

Ben Kahen said...

This is not about Iraq, this post is about remembering the fallen soldiers.