Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Love This Clip!

I believe this movie has the best solution to our problems in the Middle East. Even thought it is not possible to make Nasrallah dance like that, but still it is a good strategy. It is a very cute clip!


Anonymous said...

Yes, if only we can get all the Palestinians dancing for the occupation, then we can have peace.

Until then, the Palestinians are to blame. Why won't they let Israel just occupy their lands? Geez.

(Arash, since you keep erasing my one comment per post, I will spam your blog until you learn. This isn't Israel, you can censor or kill those who oppose the occupation. If you leave one comment, I will not spam)

Ben Kahen said...

Nazi Pouya:

1. You know as long as you are responding to the post, I won't touch your comment but if you attack any sort of advertising or promoting or any sort of acts or writting that has any purpose other than responding to a post, I will delete. Therefore, do not attach those comments (that g-d knows where you got it from) to your comment and I won't delete your comment. If you would have posted your comment just like you did this time without any other attachment to it, then I wouldn't have deleted them.

2. No matter what you say, I think it is a cute movie and it was a joke saying that we could solve the problem of middle east like that. Nazis like you never see the difference between joke and reality! But again I wouldn't mind making Nasrallah dance, of course in a cage where he belongs!

Anonymous said...

Nazi, me? You're the fascist who served in the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine! haha.

And yes, the quotes are real, I did not pull them out of my ass.

And yes, the quotes are relevant since every post is on Israel (you don't know about anything else to talk about).

And the comment I posted on here, which you deleted like the fascist you are, was relevant to your post.

But you're learning that we're not in Israel and that you can't censor or kill the opponents of your occupation. Good. Leave one comment like you just did every time or I will spam you again and again until you fully learn to be tolerant of peaceful opposition.

Good boy. Now if you jump Ill give you a doggy treat.

Ben Kahen said...

See what a terrorist you are! you say leave one comment or i'll spam your blog! This is like you nazi brothers in Hamas who say do as we say or we'll kill you! Plus, the comments are irrelevant and not related to this subject. I am sorry but I won't allow advertising. Plus since you really don't know jack shit, Israel has more open media and freedome of speech than ANY other country in the region!!! So please, take ur anti-semitic terrorist loving Islamo Fascist propaganda somewhere else! You only and I mean ONLY respond to the article, and I will use my judgment to delete comments.

It is my site, follow the rules like a civilized person or your comments will be deleted!

Anonymous said...

Me, Naz, you're the fascist that erases comment. I'm just being resilient baby!!!

"You only and I mean ONLY respond to the article, and I will use my judgment to delete comments."

Come on now, that's just a cover for censorship. You're going to read what I write, it's going to be relevant but it's going to also embarrass you, so you will delete it and say it was erased bc it was irrelevant.


I have learned something more about Arash that I did not know before, not only did he support the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but freedom of speech is just a slogan. He only believes in freedom of speech when he agrees with the speech, which of course, is not freedom of speech.


Now be a good boy and leave this comment, or else, YOU KNOW!!!

And remember honey, there's nothing hateful about opposing the ethnic cleansing and occupation of Palestine, but there is indeed something very wrong and hateful to criticize someone who opposes your murderous ideology.


Ben Kahen said...

Nazi Boy Pouya:

I told you billion times, that I will not tolerate spamming. Repeating posting of a comment that is irrelevant to the subject matter of the article or movie is spamming.

I have left your comments on the site all the time except the time that you try to post thhose comments and keep doing it over and over to prove a point!

I won't delete your comment unless it is spamming! So be a good and only respond to the article.

Anonymous said...

Why are you lying? Are you trying to save face? You've erased my single comments only to have me react by spamming.

Don't pretend like you don't censor. And you're not kidding anyone. You erase comments you don't. Typical!!!

Ben Kahen said...

lol Nazi Pouya, stop making facts,

Look: if it is not related to article i will eraze it!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll "stop making facts."

You're intolerant and your fascism has now come to run your blog too!


Ben Kahen said...

Nazi Pouya:

I know it is hard for you to understand it, it is a simple rule, if it is not related to the post, I will delete it! Just follow it!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing you momo, it's always related to the post, you just delete it bc it exposes you and your murderous ideology.

Ben Kahen said...

sure! whatever Nazi Pouya!

Follow the rule or you'll be deleted! Simple!

Anonymous said...

I will continue to post the Israeli quotes on every topic related to Israel, which makes it relevant. If you should delete them bc you don't like them while alleging they are "irrelevant," then I will SPAM you.

Now follow my rule... BIATCH!!!

Anonymous said...

And I will also continue to post the diclaimer I wrote for you for every post you write that is Iran-related.

Now behave!

Ben Kahen said...

Nazi Pouya:

This is not I.R. nor Hamas nor Al Qeada nor Nazis terrorist Camp that you grew up with and follow in your everyday thoughts. You cannot force your rules on everything. Unfortunately, like your borthers in I.R. and Hamas, you don't anything civilization, therefore you start learning. As simple as that!

Anonymous said...

But I gets you joined a terrorist camp (the Israeli Occupation Forces) so now you get to set the rules, right?


I break rules baby, that's my nature. Deal w it.

Oh by the way, it's being posted on a lot of blogs (not by me, I swear): "Newsflash: Ben Kahen supports torture! Visit"

Anonymous said...

I just hope people can distinguish between a terrorist commenter (you) and the blog administrator (me).

Ben Kahen said...

nazi pouya

you break rules, of course, people like you never had any respect for laws nor civilization!

Anonymous said...

No, people like me never respect censorship laws and apartheid laws.

People like you draft censorship laws, legalize torture of dissidents, and kill people who oppose, and then accuse those people who fight your apartheid (racist) laws as bigots themselves!!!

Ben Kahen said...

No people like you always name stuff to justify their barbaric ideologies such as Nazism and Anti-semtisim!

it is very simple!

Anonymous said...

Thank god you're not running a country, I can see it being very intolerant to dissent. Well, actually, it would be no different than Israel, a country that tortures people who oppose its occupation, censors their dissent, and kills them, all the while blaming them for not submitting.

Ben Kahen said...

You just said everything that was worng with Iran! Another terrorist apologist!!


Anonymous said...

Ben you make me sick. You're an embarrassment to both Jews and Iranians everywhere, you selfish gutless freak of nature.... Go drown in a pool of your own hate. Long live Iranians, Jews, and Palestinians, most of whom want to live together in peace, and may people like you never succeed in brainwashing the rest of the world with their lies. Now go log opn to the megaphone and poison everyone's minds like you're itching to do. Ass-hat....


- Ariel (a half-Iranian *non-secular* anti-Zionist Jew who actually believes in his religion and practices it, and who also ISN'T aligned with Israel and their bullshit)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Ben.I just want to say and respond to the anonumos guy, that Israel is not a terrorist country.Maybe some countries see it like this, when they are killing phalestinians and etc...however, i want to ask this anonymos, what would be your feeling if u r an Arabic man, in only one arabic country Dubai for example,and all the country around you are jews ?!! of course, u will feel like u r alone and you want to defend yourself if sth happen or attack you.. the same thing happened to Israely people and citizens, this is the minimum they r doing..they are approximately the same number as Lebanese and all the arabic and stupid countries not us of course , srry ,are their neighbors and they r making their life bad and worse.!! Moreover, I want to ask you MR Anonymos, if i you Holy Koraan, Prophet Mohammad mentioned to you that your land is in NewZealand and you will have good life their and I will come when u sit their !! what u will do ? u will work of course on the will of your prophet and do ur best to take UR land ( as mentioned in Koraan ) .. so u r not better than anyone.. everyone have his defaults and stupidity.. and I dnt see any bad thing in Israel regime.. but the bad things and terrorism are in Syrian regime, iranian regime, and one organization in Lebanon u know who ...( when u talk sth against them, u will disappear , or u will be killed, or in the jail.. Mr, we lived those days here in my country , we know who is a terrorist and who is not ..with respect to you.And where are the journalist in Syria who r against their regime and Assad ?! in the Jail , i dnt want to say names.. where r the Lebanese soldiers who were against Syria and the regime, maybe dead or still alive in the syrians jails... what happened to some Christians leaders in Lebanon who were against Syria & Hizbollah?? of course , they were accused of things and put in prison (Samir Geagea)or killed ( Bashir Gemayel)..srry for mentioning names... !! Dnt accuse others that they are terrorist .. watch the regime of ur country or ur allies countrie and if u have logic and intelligence , u will realize who is terrorist and who is not ...We r proud to make peace with Israel .. not only Jordan, or Egypt , or GERMANY ( etc... u know abt Germany.. and what she did to Jews...) make peace with Israel.. but also we the LEBANESE...
Take Care Mr Anonymos and think wisely.. and dnt blame other if they said to you and to ur country u r terrorist .. yes ur .. and u will not change until God send his destroy to all of U ..

Ben Kahen said...

Hey Ariel 100% of Iranians Jews feel like I do!

Since you have never been to Iran, never been part of Iranian Jewish community inside or outside, pleeeeeeez shut the hell up with your crap! You are half Iranian half g-d knows what and you claim to speak for all Iranian Jews. ANYBODY WHO IS TELLING ME IRANIAN JEWS ARE ANTI-ZIONIST IS ONLY BULLSHITING THEMSELVES!

Anonymous said...

Arash, I will continue to train you.

You do not speak for anyone but yourself.

You do not speak for Iranians, Iranian university students, Iranian students, or Iranian Jews.

By saying 100% of this or that, you are effectively attempting to be the spokesperson for an entire group.

Now please, shut your trap.

Ben Kahen said...

Ok Pouya, you are an expert in Iranian Jews, and how they feel..

dude, you don't know jack shit and I will stand on my word, 100% of Iranian Jews are Zionist and behind Israel!

Anonymous said...

Arash: The Fascist War Criminal Occupation Soldier, I never said I was an expert on anything, I just said you do not speak for anyone and I still say you do NOT speak for anyone. You keep making generalizations. I know Iranian Jews that would kick your ass for calling them a Zionist. Shit, I'd be insulted too if someone alleged that I followed the murderous ideology (Zionism).

Arash: The Fascist War Criminal Occupation Soldier, YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ANYONE. You shouldn't claim to speak for anyone either bc if you did, that group of people would be embarrassed time and again bc I've embarrassed you here so many times that no one should want to be associated with you Arash: The Fascist War Criminal Occupation Soldier.

Ben Kahen said...

I am wana meet those Iranian Jews that you allege that don't support Zionism!