Thursday, June 14, 2007

Criminal Nature of Palestinian is Finally Showing Its Face

The events in Gaza Strip have turned really ugly. Humanity has lost its meaning in that area. What is amazing here is that the anti-Semitic so called Pro-Palestinian groups have shut their mouth and have decided to ignore the crimes committed by both Hamas and Fatah in Gaza Strip. An example of this crime is Hamas gunmen dragging Fatah fighters to the streets and executing them in front of their families. The left have been sitting quietly and has chosen to ignore what is happening. They are looking for a way to somehow link this to Israel and choose the typical target to blame. These anti-Semitic anti-Israel groups are doing the same exact thing they have been doing through out history. Blame everything on the Jews and since it is not politically correct to say Jews, they just replace the word with Zionism and they utilize the same tactic as their ancestors. Yes Yes, I know, there are some Jews among them too, but again, we had Jews who worked with Nazis and we had a lot of Jews who worked with communists when they were targeting Jewish communities.

The focus is now on Gaza. One cannot look at what is going on in Gaza and stay quiet. Severe cases of crimes against humanity and violation of human rights and internal law are taking place. Yet, the world is sitting quietly!! Hmm! What happened? Why are you guys quiet? This is another perfect example of international community turning a blind eye to real crimes around the globe. Again, Israel is not involved in this case, and that is why they choose not to condemn anybody.

What is happening in Gaza is disgusting. Hamas just declared that they have found documentation linking the group to CIA. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes it does. When mad masses took over U.S. Embassy in Iran, they also said they had found CIA documentation. In another word, they are trying to justify their executions and call those guys spy of foreign entity. One looks at this situation and asks: if they are doing this to themselves, what would they do if they could get their hands on the Jews in Israel? For years, the left tried to blame Israel for criminal nature of these areas. For years, we were told they are a peaceful nation and they are the victim. For years, the Arab propaganda tried to build this reputation of these people as honorable and victim of an international conspiracy and injustices. Just imagine Palestinians had the same military strength as Israel and Jews were in Palestinians shoes. Within a month, they eradicate anything that might resemble Judaism. This is a perfect proof those morons to see that Israel is not at fault here. Israel is defending itself against the same acts as we observe in Gaza strip multiplied by 100. They showed their true face. They showed that they are incapable of running a country. These two groups are filled with greed for power and wealth. To them, Palestinian Cause is nothing but a tool to get more power! It is a joke and it is sick! So, I wonder how the brainwashed masses of Muslim communities are feeling now?!

So, for those of you who still call to condemn Israel and call yourselves Pro-Palestinian, I hope that you see the reason that Israel needs to fight these terrorist groups (both Hamas and Fatah) and she needs to separate itself from these groups. Yes, Palestinians are not the same as Hamas..bla bla bla!! That’s horse crap!! Why? Simple because they elected those morons to the office! Remember that election!?!

What we are observing is the result of years of brainwashing and stupid policies of Arab and Palestinian leaders and their supporters around the globe. They justified every inhumane things they committed, every crime was pardoned in the opinion of their supporter, every inhumane words were somehow given an excuse by these groups, and now it backfired on them. Yes, of course, when you do not hold anybody responsible for criminal acts that they commit, they will turn into criminals themselves! Duhhhhh! For now, the world should see what would happen if Palestinians like these gain power.

In conclusion, I am just disgusted! I am saddened and there is no way to describe my feeling. The peace is officially dead and we have tough days ahead of both Israel and Palestinian people. Terrorist of course are rejoicing and celebrating. However, I am glad to see that Jews are at least safe from such crimes that are taking place. I wouldn’t want to see the day that Arabs would take over Israel. Crimes 20 times worst than Holocaust would take place. As you could see, they are even proud of it and they will find a justification for it!


ratbert said...

ben: let me help you out here. of course leftists, like all people paying attention, are horrified by the extra-judicial executions and the like carried out in gaza. there is a simple reason why killings carried out by israelis cause a greater outcry in this country: because we americans are partly to blame for those deaths. we americans pay for those missiles that kill those people. from an abstractly moral standpoint, the person killed by an iranian bought bullet is as dead as the one killed by an american funded one. but in politics, it is about taking responsibility for those evils caused by one's own country. and the deaths caused by israel are partly caused by america -- partly by we americans, in other words. it is about priorities. are you going to be as upset about some killing caused by someone completely unrelated to you? of course not. you are going to be much more upset and outraged by the killing committed by someone whom you yourself have aided in some way. we anti-zionist americans do not want to be accomplices to zionist killings of palestinians. it is wrong of hamas to execute men without trial. but we as americans are not directly or indirectly responsible for it. if we were, you can bet we would be pissed.

ratbert said...

and by the way, as a leftist, i do not "blame everything on the jews." come on, ben. get real here. we blame everyone involved in this colonial occupation, from the brits on down to the americans. and the zionists. not the jews.

and do you really think the CIA has not been actively aiding fatah in their civil war against hamas? please. the US takes sides in civil wars all over the world, don't tell me you are not aware of that. and don't tell you Israel did not have a hand in hamas' early days, as a counterweight to the PLO. come on, ben. are you not aware that the US intelligence was all over Iran before the revolution? i am not defending the islamic republic, but facts are facts. the SAVAK was US backed from start to finish. point: there is nothing more common or run of the mill than for the US and Israel to support islamist groups to kick the ass of secular parties or movements (or the soviets, in afghanistan), and then get bitten in the ass when they could not control them. this ain't rocket science, ben. and i am not anti-semitic. i do read books, however.

Ben Kahen said...

Look, Iran is aiding Hamas from the begining, you think CIA should just sit back and say nothing and allow Hamas to completely take over as an agent of Iran in the region? Haven't we learned enough from Hizbollah?

Look, you are blaming anything and everything that support this Jewish state, and that is because they do support this Jewish State. You call it a colonian state, I call it home! It is as simple as that!