Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Empty Promises of a Decaying Ideology

Hey guys, remember this guy? This message is especially for Iranian. Remember how this guy promised you a better country? At first he promised democracy. Then he changed his mind. Then he promised you a better life style for the poor, then he could not deliver that. Then he promised stability, and he aggregated Iraq which triggered a bloody war that he could have ended two years into it, but he decided to drag it for six more years. Then, I perfectly remember this promise, “in a country that we have vast oil resources, why should we pay for gas?! I will make sure that each month our citizens receive a check from government for oil profits?” Yes people of Iran and terrorist apologists who somehow find a way to justify everything Islamo-Fascists do, remember this guy? He really made that comment in his speeches in Paris and also repeated it in Jamaran several times.

Today, not even a single penny of oil profits was received by an average citizen, they also rationed fuel consumption. Think about it for a second: a country who is 4th biggest oil producer in the world is rationing its fuel consumption. Doesn’t that blow your mind away to notice the level of corruption, stupidity, and incompetence involved here? However, for now according to Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad, Iran needs to acquire nuclear energy. This criminal Ahmadinejad argues that Nuclear Energy is what Iran desperately needs in order to survive, of course we all know that it is not nuclear energy rather it is a nuclear weapon to bully the West and pursue their satanic Islamic plans. Somebody needs to tell this moron to first utilize your oil revenue to generate fuel domestically, then try to resort to acquiring nuclear energy.

One of the known criminals of Iranian government who is called Hadadeh Adel said, “We must reduce our vulnerability in foreign relations in order to safeguard our political independence by resolving our traffic problems.” This criminal of course has a very long history in this government. Let’s not forget who this guy is, he is one of the closest allies of Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei (this guy replaced Ruholah Khomeini) and at the same time he has previously served as the leader of the security forces and intelligence units that crushed and murdered Iranian students and their professors. My question to this criminal is why don’t you solve this political independence through rational decision making and by refraining from defying international community? Why should the Iranian citizens pay for such insane ideas that only serve a small minority of leaders in Iran and their satanic future plan for the region? Another question: where is all the money due to rising oil prices?

The government of Iran reasoned that this rationing is to prepare for possible future actions taken against Iran and also decrease the traffic problem exists in Iran. Well, it is an acceptable reasoning. However, in my opinion it is not the only reason why they have done it. This move comes in a time when this authoritarian regime is paranoid and agitated regarding their future as the ruler of this nation. There two or three things that should be kept in mind here; they have rationed fuel consumption for private parties only. Meaning average citizens only have to deal with this plan. That means that government agencies will have all the fuel they want. There are two parts to this: one is that government could easily control and keep tract of movements of the people, two is that their own agents, supporters, murders, and apologists will never suffer any harm. These two factors shows that this is another way of securing their future as the ruler of this nation that is so fed up with this government.

Their agents or supporters such as “Families of the Shahids (Martyrs)”, Basijis, Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), Mullahs, and their family or anybody related to these groups will not suffer from this rationing because they could easily obtain a government car through their connection. This will directly affect the average citizen or lower class that already disfavors this unjust and cruel government. In a sense, it is going to limit their mobility which makes it a lot simpler for the government to track them. In another word, they have founded a way to confine these citizens into a limited jurisdiction. In case of an uprising takes place in Iran, it makes capturing these dissidents a lot simpler and it is a way of securing this government.

Was it a good move? No it was not a good move, it was a genius move. Yes, we see some opposition and burning of gas stations today in Iran. However, these are temporary minimal reactions and the public will get used to this rationing. At the same time, even if the situations boils up, it will play into the hand of the Iranian government, because now they can allege that the Zionists and foreign agents are involved in this matter, therefore they are going to declare a state of emergency and clamp down hard on opposition. This is also a method to prepare for future showdown with the U.S in order to prevent the public to rise against this government as the result of it. It is a genius plan!


Anonymous said...

ignoring your apparent lack of knowledge of how to use proper grammar, i'm just going to point out that you clearly don't understand how iran works at all.

Ben Kahen said...

Well, since you really do know how Iran works, please enlighten us.

I really cannot believe how anybody could justify rationing Fuel in a country that is the Fourth biggest oil producer. What type of logic would you use to to describe, explain, or even justify this method of rulling?

Anonymous said...

Good article. Iran has to ready herself to face U.S. strike if they don't stop their nuclear program.

ab said...

you're one of the stupidest people on the planet. i didn't care about palestinians before but seeing that they have to deal with people like you makes me feel bad for them.

Ben Kahen said...

Thank you for the kind word, yet you fail to state why you think I am stupid.

Again, character impeachment is a signature of the weakness of your argument.

Anonymous said...

Great articles mate.

Sam said...

they might have the 4th largest reserve but they lack technology to refine~~~>they must import much of their oil that is usable by the population (private and public)~~~>they are vulnerable to UN sanctions. Therefore, according to political and intellectual academic sources in Iran, the government has chosent this path in order to develop changes in the oil consumption lifestyle of Iranians so that they will not be hard hit if tough trade sanctions are imposed, thereby hoping to prevent a popular uprising.

Ben Kahen said...

Here is an update on this situation:

Apprently, you could still fill up your car. If you have a nice car and pull into a gas station, you just have to pay the guy some extra money and he'll fill it up for you. Here is the catch, he won't do it unless you got a real nice car. Therefore, only the lower or middle class are hit by this action. Those are the one who are more likely to raise up against this government. Like I said before, it is a genius plan!