Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palestinians’ Path to Self-Destruction-Courtesy of Islamic Republic of Iran!

This is it! Palestinians finally blew it! Israel pulls out of Gaza and their response to such a move is to elect a terrorist group. Ok, you have elected a terrorist organization as your representative and then you ask the international community to not view you as terrorists. International community finally bowed down to your demand and finally gave you the money as you claim that you rightfully deserve. Then with all that, you start killing your own! I am really appalled by the pictures and new coming out of Gaza Strip. I believe Iran’s work in this region is flawless. It has destroyed Palestinian unity and it has destroyed any chance of peace in this region. I wrote an article a while ago regarding Palestinian submit in Mecca. I think I was right!

Many people, including a lot of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists will point finger toward Israel. I have said that Palestinian brother killing will never benefit Israel. Israel needs Palestinian to be united in order to pursue and achieve a final agreement and bring peace to this region. This violence will spill over to Israel and Israel will have to take action. Israel does not want to go back or even conduct an assault in Gaza Strip because it will be very messy with heavy Israeli casualties. I am predicting now and you could mark my word on it, this violence will spill over and Israel is going to enter Gaza and execute an operation bigger than Defensive Shield.

What we are observing today is not a peculiar phenomenon in Palestinian history as a group of people. Any place they have gone to, they were unable to get along with the locals as soon as they acquired some power. Remember Jordan and Lebanon!?! This situation is not any different either. Another important factor in this brother killing is the role of Iran. Iran is executing the same plan that they have utilized in Iraq which is “divide and conquer”. In Iraq, they arming both Shiites and Sunnis just to keep the civil war going. They are even arming Afghan fighters to create another Iraq in Afghanistan. Iranian footsteps are very apparent in this fighting too. They are pushing Hamas into an internal fighting. This will directly serve their interest which is more war, destruction, and dislocated and unsatisfied citizens. That will make the job of recruiting for terrorist group a lot easier and at the same time justifies the existence of such terrorist groups. We will see that a new terrorist group will emerge such as Islamic Jihad that will come in and bring stability to the region. It will allow Iran to have a direct control in the region because this new group will take orders only from Iran. They executed the same plan in Lebanon and Hezbollah turned out to be the group who delivered the Peace that Lebanese were desperate for. Now, we’ll see the same situation in Gaza strip and maybe West Bank.

The future for Palestinians has a very dark nature. However, no matter how much Iranians are trying to create trouble in the region to take the focus of international community off their nuclear program, they are dead wrong. The future for Iran is not any better than Palestinian future. They might try to keep creating chaos in this region to keep U.S busy to ignore Iran’s actions; however it will not discourage U.S and its allies to not allow such an evil country to reach its satanic nuclear ambitions. Palestinians need to wake up and choose a peaceful path for their future, or they will face a disaster with unforeseeable and destructive magnitude that they have never seen before.

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