Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Laws of Attraction

One way of identifying ourselves in the society is through our character. This character is developed based on our experience in life and the way we were raised as kids. Parents and society has huge effect on the way that we grow up as actors of this society. At the same time, as we are growing up, we are being programmed by our parents with what they call as right or wrong. As we leave our childhood and teenager part of our lives and enter the real world, these programs starts showing its effect on the way we participate in the society. Parents try to program their kids to act and behave in what they consider to be the proper way or what will make them succeed in future. I am not claiming that what they are programming is the best thing for the kid, but intention comes from a good source. Politics, Religion, race and many other factors will have great effect on this programming.

One of the first stages that this programming will take effect is finding the significant other or just the dating world. A person in dating world is on a quest to find someone they can identify themselves with. That person is looking for someone that somehow resembles his or her own personality and find common ground to create attraction. This is the part that the program plays a major role.

Funny part is that the dating world is when this programming completely break down. We never know when we will meet someone and how we get attracted to that person. Two people could be completely different in terms of their origins, religion, childhood, and even political view, yet they could completely fall for one another. The sad part is that the programming part that we have received during the childhood will only create problem when opposites have been attracted to one another. Yet, this attraction is so strong that both parties are willing to look beyond their differences.

In the world that we live in today, based on events that take place around the globe, divisions are created between people due to race, religion, or other factors. This same opposite attraction that I talked about will completely ignore those problems. Both parties will not give up their positions on those issues, yet they are completely willing to be with each other despite their difference. They are willing to move on and be with one another despite the fact that the standard of the society that they live in completely rejects their new found attraction to one another.

This is the phenomenon that I do not understand and it has recently happened to me. How could two different people, with totally different backgrounds and views on the worldly matters, be attracted to one another? What is the law of attraction between two people? What is the mechanism of it? I am very well prepared to answer anything that has to do with politics, yet I am clueless on this question. Can anybody answer them for me? How could two people with totally different personalities and backgrounds be attracted to one another that are willing to sacrifice anything for their new found attraction?


:) said...

The funny thing is, no one thinks youre attractive. I remember your nasty ass from Berkeley, and im sure youve only gotten fatter since then.

Ben Kahen said...

I am glad to know that you are checking my looks! But seriously, keep your hatred civilized. But I am glad to see that I have pissed you off this much to resort to comments about my looks!

"No one thinks I am attractive"-I beg to differ on that, but again you are not worthed my time to elaborte.