Friday, October 26, 2007

Californians Stand Together

When I moved down to San Diego a year ago, I thought this city was paradise. However, since last week, this city has turned into hell. I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life. We went through a hell week and now I am back in Los Angeles. The classes were canceled for most of the week but for the most part people were worried about who would be evacuated or not. However, from every major disaster, you will get to know the real heroes. In this disaster, it was average Californians. Even though many politicians such as some dumb moron senators tried to blame it on Bush and Global Warming, yet Californians in Southern California really stepped up to the plate. We would hear in TV that a high school has opened its door for evacuees and they are in needs of blanket, within ten minutes, the TV spokesman would say, they are no longer in need of such item. It was an amazing scene. There are many stories and scenes that many residence would never forget about this fire. And of course, who could forget the brave fire fighters. Some of these local firefighters were on shift for 18 hours straight with very little to eat. We could look at the destruction and be depressed, but I am sure a lot of local residence look at how the city came together to fight this disaster.

A lot of people tried to politicize this disaster and by a lot of people I am referring to dumb Democrats and liberals. They first tried to blame it on global warming, as if through out world’s history, there has never been a fire anywhere around the glob! Then they were looking for anything to blame it on Bush or somehow undermine the efforts that Federal Government or Arnold had taken. Again, I am not arguing for any side, but what I despise is that these groups try to take any advantage to seek for their own personal goals even if it is a major disaster. This is the perfect example why many things that these Liberals stand for are fake. Therefore, this whole BS that they talk about that they want what is best for the country is nothing but hot air. But again, just as always they failed miserably. I am just glad California and especially San Diego came together and took care of this matter rationally and in a civilized manner. In other disasters not too long ago, we saw a totally different scene where rape, murder, mayhem and many other crimes were committed at a time of disaster. In San Diego, it was the exact opposite and people just looked after one another. Even though the destruction is vast, yet I have no doubt that San Diego will bounce back and restore itself to the paradise it used to be before last Sunday

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