Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet a Bigot Called Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter, one of prominent conservative mouth piece has just showed me that there is no safe heaven for Jews in any political arena. When we were in Islamic nations, the Jews were treated as 3rd class citizens and lacked many basic human rights compare to other citizens. In Nazi era, well we all know what happened there. It was no heaven either. In Leftists Marxists, Jews were sent to prisons and many of them were not heard of. As a matter of fact, Marxist in his writing in a chapter titled “The Jewish Question”, slammed Judaism and Jews as a whole and it was no surprise that Soviet Russia clamped down hard on Jews. Then we get to modern day political views such as Liberalism: they bash Israel left and right and they even sympathize with groups and people such as David Duke in denying Holocaust. They constantly try to humanize and justify this idiotic leader of Iran (Dr. Ahmadijihad) and blame everything on Israel. Then as we thought we had friends, we see conservative right wing whack jobs!

This idiot Ann says that Jews needs to be converted to Christianity in order to be imperfect. Click Here for the link to the story. For the love of G-d, how stupid could she get? Then she has the nerves to laugh and make it sound like as if she was joking?! Well, I have a message for her: there were stupid jokes and rhetoric like this that caused many pilgrims in Europe in early stages. She just proved to everyone that she is completely uneducated and nothing but a bigot. If she really knew about the Founding fathers and the concept American Christianity, she would have known that American Christians did not believe Jews to be imperfect by converting to Christianity. In Europe, there was this idea that Jews were the chosen people, but since they committed sins, this title was taken away from them and now the Christians are the chosen one. This inclined a lot of those Christians to force convert a lot of Jews or just kill them.

American style of Christianity was exactly the opposite. American Christianity believed that the Jews are still the chosen people by G-d. However, Jesus Christ opened up the Bible to other “Gentiles” and etc…. I am not going into too much detail in terms of religion. The important aspect of the argument is that the Founding fathers did not consider themselves above the Jews in terms of religion. As a matter of fact, they had a firm belief that if they help the Jews, G-d will bless them and this is what G-d wants. How do they know that? There is this passage in Bible in the Old Testament that a lot of Protestant Christians, even today believe in it which says, “bless is he who bless the tribe of Israel; cursed is the one who curse the tribe of Israel.” Amazingly today, a lot of these Christians still believe in that passage. This is the reason why the Founding Fathers made sure that United States Constitution included an amendment that allows for Freedom of religion and they wanted to provide Jews with some freedom to practice their religion. Another proof is that under Liberty Belt, if you look at it: there are passages are written in Hebrew. Another example is that in Harvard, up until 1870 or 1880, all students had to learn Hebrew.

Now this bigot mouth piece claims that the Jews need to be converted to Christianity. This is a living proof that Israel and the Jews cannot rely on any sect, family, religion, country, or any group for its protection. No matter where we go, Israel and the Jews should be able to defend themselves against anybody. From Islamists to Christians to peace loving Liberals, you could never trust anybody with your life line. Israel has to stand on its two feet.

I appreciate all the support that Israel receives from the conservatives in this country; however it does not mean I should sit quietly and let them say something as stupid and dangerous as that. I always disliked her because of the way she carried herself and now she gave me a reason to hate her. I am just wondering if she feels that way about Jews, how she feels about Muslim, Buddhists, Hindus, and many other religions. I swear if David Duke, who is a new found hero of liberals these days, would have got a sex-change operation and wore a blond wig, I would not be able to tell the difference. I know a lot of conservatives and Christians do not think like her, however the sad part is that there are some uneducated one that do and that is why we still have some bigotry in conservative movement. Even though it is not the same type of Liberal anti-Semitism who tries to justify their position through replacing the word Jews with Zionism, it is still wrong and should be condemned.


Anonymous said...

please, no one, and I mean no one, think that she represents me or anyone else as a conservative American. I cant stand that woman.

Siamak said...

"When we were in Islamic nations, the Jews were treated as 3rd class citizens and lacked many basic human rights compare to other citizens. In Nazi era, well we all know what happened there. It was no heaven either. In Leftists Marxists, Jews were sent to prisons and many of them were not heard of."

Are you crazy?? I'm Jewish, and I completely disagree with the above claims. You CANNOT compare the Jewish experience in the Muslim world with Nazi Germany... you CANNOT compare dhimmi with concentraion and death camps. The Jews have never experienced a genocide in the Muslim world like that in Spain or Germany.

As for Russia, the pogroms were genocide, but that was before the Revolution. It was actually better to be Jewish in the Soviet Union than in Tzarist Russia.

Don't kid yourself! The Jewish experience was worst in Western, Christian countries.

Anonymous said...

she is a true conservative and she represents many americans. don't now everyone attack her. in the heart of hearts a true follower of any religion wants everyone to convert to their religion and considers only one religion to be "perfect." to be shocked at that is nonsensical.

in this country political correctness has been able to suppress any talk of that implying that a follower of for example Christianity isn't suppose to believe that everyone should convert to Christianity, however, the missionaries are still out there...

and what is a missionary? it is a man who comes to your town and tell you that you believe is crap and that what he believes is the truth. just because judaism doesn't proselytize doesn't mean everyone else should stop.

and as a jew, i look at gentiles and i see only my religion is "true" and i see the rest as imperfect. this is only logical if i truly believe in a religion.

Ben Kahen said...

Siamak: i never argued that it was better to live in one place than the other. Of course, Islamic countries had less pressure on Jews, but Jews were still murdered. Shah Abas Safavi was just hitler if he had the means and technology. He murdered thousands of Esfahan Jews and wiped out many surrouding Jewish villeges. Of course, we're don't hear them in history but still happened.

However, the argument is something different. Still messed events took place in Iran and we cannot forget that. The argument is something of different event

Ben Kahen said...

Whether it is right or wrong to have missionary is a different argument. Again, talks like hers caused many people to die in Europe and should be reinvited to our society. The same for Israel, a lot of Israelis oppose these guys because they know what goals these people have and I totally support that.

Anonymous said...

a lot of jews have found ann coulter to be an ally cause of her strong support for Israel against Hezbollah. The truth is shes a moron that should be laughed at

Anonymous said...

she is a racist and a bigot for sure but i disagree that she is an idiot. i think that she is very smart in fact because she knows what to say to push people's buttons and give herself more time in the spotlight which in turn gives her more book sales. don't forget that as much this baffles many of us, she has a target audience who sadly believes in many of the trash she spews. according to an article i read (so i maybe wrong) what she said, as ridiculous as it was, is a common belief amongst evangelical christians. the same people who voted bush into the white house. so go figure.

Masha said...

Come on guys, we're taking this waayyyyy too far. A huge chunk of christians think this anyways and she's just not afraid to speak her mind, as a Christian. And maybe she might talk like this, but the stuff she actually does and advocates for benefits us. She's a very smart intelligent woman too. I don't think she has anything against jews or israel.

Ben Kahen said...


I don't know if you are jewish or not, but things like this cannot be taken lightly. Rhetorics like this have caused many pain and suffering and they should not be tolerated under any circumstances. I don't care if she loves Israel or not (frankly Israel doesn't need her love), Israelis and us and Jews cannot rely on people like that. Like I said, Israel HAST TO STAND UP ON HER TWO FEET. Relying on people like her will only result in disasters. I never personally liked her and I never will no matter how much she tries to pledge her alliance to Jews, Israel, or any other theory that I agree with.