Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ElBaradei Needs to Get Real

Why is it that when someone is powerless, they tend to raise issues that are completely bogus? That is a good question to ask noble peace prize winner and head of worthless IAEA Mohamed ElBaradei. He slammed Israel for attacking Syrian target on September. Click here for the article. He condemns Israel and alleges that Israel “took the law into his own” and he demanded more information about what was hit. He said:
That, to me, is very distressful because we have a system; if countries have information that the country is working on a nuclear-related program, they should come to us. We have the authority to go out and investigate. But to bomb first and then ask questions later, I think it undermines the system and it doesn't lead to any solution to any suspicion, because we are the eyes and ears of the international community.” The first part of his argument is completely flawed. “Israel took the law into his own hand.
What laws is he referring to? Is he referring to international law? I hope he is not going there. But for the sake of the argument, let’s analyze that aspect of his argument. Technically Israel and Syria are in state of war and therefore no violation has been made. If the U.N. wants to pass a resolution to condemn the attack, that is a different story, but there was no violation of laws. Syria even confirmed that it was a military target. It was not a civilian target; therefore this idiot is blowing hot air. In conclusion, no violation has taken place.
Let’s assume for the sake of the argument again that Israel did violate international law. IAEA is judging this position with no right to do so. They have absolutely no jurisdiction to take any action or make any comments about it. Why does IAEA claim that Israel should have come to us? Again, it was a military target, and so IAEA has no right to partake on the matter. They are making this claim based on assumption. Why is it an assumption? The reasoning lies behind the absence of an official government agent on either side. It has been confirmed that Israel, Syria and the United States that it was in fact a military facility. Furthermore, taking this as a safe assumption based on reports from various news agencies will still not suffice to an actual and official comment.
He then goes even further to say that the action was distressful. It is amazing to me how simple minded this person is when he talks about this matter. Of course the action is distressful, it required a lot of planning, commando units on grounds, top of the line technology to dismantle Russian Radars and SAM systems (purchased and paid for by Iran), and long hours of practice. There were explosions and it involved violence, therefore this action is distressful. Sometimes distressful actions are needed to prevent a catastrophe and to protect your country. The only remedy he presents is to use his system. The good question is when was the last time IAEA was able to prevent a single country from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Israel’s record is clear so far: 2 nuclear facilities have been destroyed. How do IAEA records look now? None, zero, Zip! IAEA is completely worthless when it comes to forcing countries to abandon their nuclear programs. Libya voluntarily dismantles his nuclear facility and IAEA had no idea it even existed.
Mr. ElBaradei goes even further to allege that we have the authority to investigate. Again, Israel tried taking that road with Iran. They relied on IAEA and international community. The result is nothing but a mess. I do not want to assume or claim that Israel will or will not take action against Iran, but the report card of IAEA is extremely messy when it comes to Iran. Just a while ago they claimed that Iran is not building a bomb. This claim was dismissed even by France. I have no idea how he could make such claim with a straight face.
Frankly, statements like these shows how worthless this whole organization is. The fact of the matter that he even won Noble Peace Prize was simply for political purpose. Mr. ElBaradei and IAEA is completely powerless and the fact that he even alleges that they were going to investigate make you ask: what if you do investigate and by some strange phenomenon or miracle you come to correct conclusion that Syria is building a nuclear facility, what is next? How are you going to punish the Syrians? By what army are you going to stop Syrians? Sanction will not do any harm and a person with a healthy brain knows it. Israel will not rely on worthless and powerless group to ensure its security and it is time for Mr. ElBaradei to get real.

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Anonymous said...

hes lying to advance a particular cause... this looks like a good old fashioned case of Taqiyya to me!