Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing Victory for Israel on the Sea

Congratulation to Israel, Israeli intelligence, and Israeli defense forces!! From all political spectrums in Israel, people are congratulating these guys. They handled it very professionally. Keep in mind, last year 10 terrorist ended up dying, couple of Israeli elite commandos ended up injured (I was fortunate enough to meet them) and it was followed by massive amount of condemnations from around the globe. Erdogan and his Islamist gang took advantage of the situation to destroy friendly ties the two nations of Israel and Turkey. This year, the organizers thought they could pull of the same thing, except this time it would be much bigger. They were trying to delegitimize Israel’s existence and its sovereignty. From intelligence front, to diplomatic front, to military front, everybody started working around the clock to tackle this issue. The results: from hundreds of people (including very popular Leftist Wack-jobs) and around 20 ships that were prepared to sail to Israel, only ONE STUPID FRENCH YAT was able come near Gaza and it was taken care of in a very peaceful fashion. This is amazing.
One thing that the dumb Lefties had forgotten: in this case, Israel is defending its homeland. Those Lefties are not defending their homelands; they are simply taking a summer vacation and trying to make their miserable lives important. For Israel, it is the question of existence and it will fight it with everything at its disposal. It wasn’t the issue Gaza or helping Gazans for either side. It was the issue of defying Israel and its sovereignty and its right to defend itself against terrorist and Israel established in a perfect fashion.
Here is an editorial from Haaretz who always love to bash Israel, but had only pleasant things to say to describe Israel’s handling of the situation. It is a very interesting article that explains the situation and how the whole process started falling apart for the Pro-terrorist movement.

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