Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Amazing Display of Iranian Heart

Honestly, what a beautiful move!!
An Iranian woman blinded and disfigured by a man who threw acid into her face stood above her attacker Sunday in a hospital operating room as a doctor was about to put several drops of acid in one of his eyes in court-ordered retribution.

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I have nothing but admiration for this young lady and her dignity. She was in position of power and she had the life of the person who ruined her life in her hand, yet she chose to take the high road and pardon this stupid young man. I am calling him stupid not in a sense to justify his action, rather I believe he should spend the rest of his life in jail. This whole acid-throwing thing that has developed is a very barbaric act. Unfortunately, it is increasing in Iran as a way of forcing girls into marriage. This practice is not an act that has developed in Iran. This has been imported to Iran from foreign nations. There is actually a huge NY Supreme Court Case about such a practice. Ultimately the victim actually ended up marrying the guy. However, at the end, I have nothing but respect and admiration for this young lady from Iran. She is showing a truly heart of an Iranian where unfortunately lately this sort of hearts have diminished due to Iranian government’s evil acts, lies, and interference in the region. It is good to see that Iran still have people like her and they are the symbols of Iranian rich culture. Her courageous act got a well-deserved global media’s attention and it justifiably gave her world popularity. I would like to personally salute her strength and wisdom. 

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