Friday, July 29, 2011

Protest in Egypt for “Islamic” Government

Today, there was a “unity” rally in Egypt. Of course, this rally was more like Islamisation and invitation to convert Egyptian Government into an Islamic government. Seriously: IS ANYBODY SURPRISED? Oh yeah, Obama, good job on forcing Mubarak to leave. Except one issue, you forgot to ask the same thing and apply the same pressure to other Arab countries such as Yemen and Syria. Arab Spring is ready to turn into a hot Islamic Summer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with an Islamic style government except take a good look at Iran, Saudi Arab, or Gaza Strip and the level of democracy that is being implemented by these Islamic Rules. The question is whether the military will turn back the clock into Mubarak times and start clamping down or allow democracy to take roots and allow these groups to come to power. Either way, the story is not going too well. Oh yeah, ElBaradei, enjoy your achievements because it smells like 1979 in Iran where the Mullahs highjacked the Revolution and turned it into an Islamic Revolution and you said it would not happen. Well, the quote "I told you so" comes to mind. Here is an article from NY Times with regards to the “Unity Protest”.

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