Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tough Times for Hezbollah -Part 2

It is Lebanon War Anniversary. And Nasrallah of course has to give a speech about it. However, Hezbollah is not doing too well as we have previously discussed in length on this blog. Syria is in deep trouble, Hezbollah agents might get indicted for murdering Lebanon’s Leader Rafig Harriri, and Iran’s isolation and internal problem is not getting any better. That is exactly why we see speeches like this (Click Here for the link). Nasrallah said,
I confidently say to all the countries, governments and companies that will submit tenders in order to start oil excavation that Lebanon is capable of protecting these companies and oil and gas installations. I tell the friends and the foes that Lebanon will rely on all the elements of strength in order to regain its natural resources, and the most important element is the army-people-Resistance formula,” the Hezbollah leader added.

I love their mentality. For these guys, every where is considered to be disputed areas. They have claim to water, air, land, and anything and everything. The U.N. has approved of Israeli Plan but Nasrallah is saying these are disputed areas. Of course he would say such thing. So, basically what this terrorist is saying, he’ll solve the Lebanon problems through force. Of course, he would say such thing. He is going through Terrorist Group handbook line by line. Groups like Hezbollah are not political forces; rather their whole existence is only dependent on violence or threat of violence. They rule through terrorism. They are trying to solve these international problems not through negotiation or proper channels, but rather through guns. However, the important issue to point out is that he is not here to solve the problem or protect Lebanese sovereignty. He is simply trying to legitimize Hezbollah existence in Lebanon. Hezbollah is in serious trouble in coming days. They are desperately trying to keep the current Syrian regime in power. Therefore, they need to act like barbarians from 7th century who solved their entire problem with their swords in order to justify their existence.
Hezbollah needs support and they are desperately trying to get it by any means necessary. They look incredibly stupid by supporting Egyptian overthrow of Mubarak, yet they are supporting the murderous Regime of Assad in Syria whose crimes are far worse than Mubarak. This sort of behavior will lead to nothing but destruction of Lebanon. In his speech, he comments about how they created confusion in IDF during Second Lebanon War. Granted! However, what happened to Lebanon? Do you honestly thing that the next war that you’d be fighting for Gas will simply stop Israel? The objective between the two wars will be very different. The only end result will be destruction of Lebanese lives and infrastructure. Of course, like always, he would dig into Iranian stolen money. However, the question is whether Lebanese would fall for that or not. Who knows, it might work. For the time being, these speeches are nothing but act of desperation for legitimization.

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