Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"Captain Israel" Has Come to Rescue!

Remember the stupidity of “Foreskin Man” from the numb-nuts sex crazy weirdoes of San Fransicko who love to force their so-called ideologies on others based on the fact that they think they know better than everyone else? Well, if you don’t, to give you a quick review, the numb nuts in San Fransicko tried to pull a horrific 1st Amendment Infringement by outlawing circumcision based on the fact that they felt that their miserable already sex crazed life was missing some more sexual pleasures. Well, it’s not their fault, these guys up there are mostly on Anti-depressants or some sort of drugs and they are truly miserable. There is a void in their lives that somehow they cannot fill it and they try to blame on many different factors. Well, this time, they screwed up big time because they tried to outlaw circumcision through passing some sort of law in the city of San Fransicko. If it was not bad enough for such horrific move, they screwed up even further when they came up with a Cartoons called “Foreskin Man” that was incredibly Anti-Semitic by any standards. I mean anybody who saw it would just simply say, “This is F***ed up.” Well, here is the “Captain Israel” that has come to take care of "Foreskin Man".

I think it would have been better if "Captain Israel" would have circumcize "Foreskin Man." I completely agree with this Comic. This comic proves a very essential fact which is, if it was not for Israel, the Jews around the globe would not have enjoyed the respect and the prestige that they enjoy in today’s societies. The “Foreskin Man” Comic is a living proof that Jews could never ever trust or rely on any ideology regardless of its origins or source. From Extreme Right to Extreme Left or just simple Left, a Jew will never ever find a home. That home is in Israel and it is Israel that will defend the Jews. No one else! This goes to crazy Leftist numb nuts of Israel or Jews in America who have found refuge in this country and call this place home and say that Israel is not their Jewish Homeland, here is my message to you: you want to know what the Jews of Germany called Berlin? They called it their Zion (Jerusalem). That same “Zion” cooked them like animals not more two decades later.

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