Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fake Jews: the New Tools to Justify Terrorism Against Israelis

I remember this guy in Berkeley used to yell out that “I am a Jew and I am against Israel” and “Israel is not my homeland.” It turns out that some of these guys are not Jewish, not by name and not by ancestry either. Here is the perfect example. This guy went on flotilla and argued that he is the Jewish Voice against Israel. His argument was that he is an American and Israel does not represent him. Well, there is only one little problem: HE IS NOT A JEW!
This problem is not anything new. It is just that nobody had the guts to ask these guys, “hey Mr. Jew, how are you Jewish? Is your mother a Jew? Do you practice Judaism? Did you ever have a bar mitzvah? Do you go to temple? Do you keep kosher? How the F**** are you a Jew? Just tell me something, anything!” You would simply see that they claim: I am a Jew. It is amazing.
You see, only in the United States, where Reform Judaism has systematically destroyed and cleared the line of Judaism, you would see stuff like these. No other country like in the U.S and U.K where reform Judaism is the strongest, do we ever seen this phenomenon of Jews being Anti-Israel and it strictly has to do with the fact they are the most distanced one. With exception of Naurei Nitka who is a fanatic sect of Judaism, you almost never see any family or any Jew who practices Judaism and has Jewish values in his house, to be Anti-Israel. That would be very very rare. Due to the fact that the line of who is a Jew and who is not a Jew has been erased and redrawn so many times by the so-called Rabies, the mixture of intermarriage along with abandonment of Jewish house rules, Jewish values, and Jewish culture, you would see Sub-humans like these lying about the fact that they are Jewish and the funny part is nobody could argue against them. Seriously, what is left of Judaism in Reform Judaism? Yes, there are some Jews who support Palestinian cause. However, these Jews are not even Jews anymore. There is nothing Jewish about them because they have simply assimilated. Another example of this is my personal experience. When I was friends with some terrorist-apologist hypocritical Iranians in Berkeley, I was introduced to this girl who claimed to be a Jew and Anti-Israel. I was shocked. Iranian Jew against Israel? So when I talked to her, it turned out, that she was only half Jewish. From father side, and she had no connection to Judaism what-so-ever! Funny part was she thought I was an idiot and tried to claim that she is half Jewish. In Iran, if anybody would inter-marry, they would be kicked out of the society and nobody would ever contact that person ever again. 99% of the time, these people would convert to Islam and they would turn into the most Anti-Semites and Anti-Jews themselves. Therefore, I could see where her hatred of Israel and Jewish Homeland came from.
In today’s age, since there is no more standard of measurement as to who is a Jew and who is not a Jew, who could be considered a Jew and who could not be considered a Jew, deceitful people would call themselves Jews for the purpose of destroying the Jewish Homeland. Reform Judaism should look at themselves and hold themselves strictly responsible for this mess. The reason is because if it wasn’t for them keep messing around with the Jewish law to fit their own laziness and lack of respect for Judaism, there would not be a national tragedy waiting to happen from the fake Jews who legitimize the fraudulent Palestinian cause and mask its generic and inherited Anti-Semitisim.

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