Thursday, August 18, 2011

BBC’s Blatant Anti-Israel Bias

Today Israel took a hard hit. Of course, it is too early to say what exactly happened and how it did happen. However, this sort of acts should not happen. It is easy for some right wingers to say let’s hit Egypt, bla bla bla. However, this is exactly what the terrorists want: Israel attacking Egypt. I am not going into detail with regards to this matter. However, what shocked me was the stupidity of BBC and their blatant Anti-Israel rhetoric. Israel is the victim here, Israel was attacked, Israelis were murdered and this is the article they first had on the front page of This picture is showing a Palestinian man sitting down in tears and in grievance. Who he is sad for: the terrorist leader of PRC that Israel killed hours after the terrorist attack in Israel. To make matters even worst, the headline reads: Israel Pounds Gaza. Seriously?! Well, if this does not proof the Anti-Israel biased in BBC, I really do not know what else do. This is nothing new. Once again, BBC has chosen to show its ugly biased though this subliminal use of words and picture to buy sympathy for the fraudulent cause of these terrorists.
Let me know what you think of this.

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