Monday, August 22, 2011

Escalation would have been a Wrong Move

Although I am not the type who would agree with the Left and I believe Leftist are suffering from a mental disease, in this occasion I would have to side with them. However, it seems that I’m not alone on this issue. Now is not the time for escalation. Hamas is desperate at this point and they need peace. Peace or ceasefire is ALWAYS a good thing. Yes, I know, for Hamas Ceasefire means “Re-Arm” and “Re-boot”. However, if Hamas is playing a good boy role, why ruin it?! Yes, they are sworn to destroy Israel and yes they truly believe in it; however as any reasonable person know that it is not going to happen. Israeli intelligence units and IDF are closely watching Hamas’s every move. They are figuring out where every leader lives, breeds, eats, sleep, and all details of their actions. Therefore, the day that Hamas tries to flex its muscles again, Israel will hand them another wooping much larger than Operation Cast Lead. Therefore, there is no need for escalation on this matter. Yes, Israel lost seven people and it is truly a sad event. However, sometimes in life, you need to think and hold back for greater good which is peace in this case.
Hamas is playing along and they are actually working with Israel in restoring peace in the region. Click here for the story. Israel does not want escalation due to “Arab Spring” and Syria up in North. At the same time, Gazans are also enjoying a relative peace. The U.N. bid is also coming up and the last thing Israel needs at this point is escalation. Hamas on the other hand have their own issues to resolve that does not involve Israel. Frankly, as much as it was a sad day for Israel to lose those seven, I believe Israel reacted perfectly to the event. They took out the PRC Leader within hours along with bunch of his sub-human commanders. The responsible party has paid the price for their crime. Now, it is time to move on and not punish the groups that were not involved in it. Who knows?! Maybe in couple of years Hamas actually comes to the table for peace negotiation.

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