Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Joke of the Day: Saudi Arabia Teaching Syria about Human Rights

Seriously, is there any region funnier than Middle East when it comes to politics? I swear, “Arab Spring” has turned into my daily entertainment and a way of distract myself from Eighty Hour work week. The latest joke of the “Arab Spring” is Saudi Arabia. The land of barbarians and the true signature of backwardness of globe, Saudi Arab, who still cuts-off hands and treats women like dirt through systematic and institutionalized backward laws, has condemned Syrian actions in the region. Holy Cow!! Seriously King Abdullah, if I were you, I would sit in a corner and not make a peak. Anybody should talk except you!! Your country, your laws, your whole culture is epidomy of backwardness and human rights violations. Please, who are you to tell Syria what to do and not to do!? I hate Syrian regimes with passion and everything it stands for; I hate Assad and there is no question about it. At the same time, the news that is coming out of Hama is absolutely deplorable. However, I cannot stand on the side and watch King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia condemning Syrian regime’s action when Saudi Arabia is a lot worse than Syria.
I must say, the Middle East and its politics are incredibly humorous. However, time after time, nation after nation, groups after groups, as “Arab Spring” is unfolding; it shows how hypocritical these regimes and ideologies has been with regards to Israel. These regimes are absolutely murdering their citizens, they are killing them like there is no tomorrow, but for years the world was condemning Israel for defending herself against terrorist groups in the region. The funny part is the reaction of terrorist groups and their supporting government. Iranian government reaction has been the most entertaining to watch. They called Syrians protesters “Kharabkar” which means “terrorist” in Farsi. If that is not enough, they went ahead and called Bahrain’s protesters: “heroes”. There is one difference here, Bahrain protesters were getting supports from Iranian agents in the country and they were Shias. Very long and complicated story short, it is a joke and nobody and I mean nobody looks better than Israel in the region with regards to respect for its citizens and human rights value. The reason is very simple; these governments were only simply using the Palestinian and their cause as a tool to justify their positions and their backwardness at the world stage. Now, I wonder, on September, how will the U.N. welcome and justify creating another country who will be far worse than any of the nations that we are seeing? I mean, look through their history and how Hamas and Fattah murdered each other.
At the end, it is still too early to say what would “come out” of the “Arab Spring”. So far, it is been a joke and with no real progress on any ends. Egypt is a mess that is turning into an Islamic mess. Tunisia is also dealing with Islamic movements and the liberals are finding it difficult to fight them off. Libya is the most glorious one and it seems there is no end in sight for the time being. Syria is not moving ahead either and the only thing we are witnessing is sectarian warfare and I think it will end with Assad being stronger than ever. I would be surprised if Syrian Protesters could become victorious in terms of removing Assad from power.
Let me know what you think and whether you could see any hope for the region.


Chris K said...

I think the biggest joke came when Saudi King called for "Interfaith Dialogue..."

Chris K
Montreal, Canada

Ben said...


Yup interfaith! The day they allow a Jew to openly visit Saudi Arabia is the day I believe a word these guys say.

I am so sick of and tired of their hypocracy. They say, due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam, therefore it is justifiable for them to treat anybody they want however they pleases plus with such arrogance that makes you say huh?!