Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fifth Anniversary of my Blog-Wow!

Although this is might be a month overdue, but last month was the fifth year anniversary of my blog. I cannot believe that five years have passed since I started this blog. I started this blog when the Lebanon War of 2006 started. This was my way of expressing my opinion about what was happening. I am looking at some of the posts I put up and it feels like I am rewinding my life and history at the same time. It’s been HALF A DECADE since I started this blog. It is still unbelievable. I started this blog with the same picture and I must admit it is truly an amazing picture. Well, here is a small little update with regards to what has happened to my life since I started this blog.
Throughout these five years, my life went through tremendous changes. I made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies because of this blog. Of course the content of this blog caused some sudden discomfort to terrorist-apologists up in Berkeley and Leftist numb-nuts who were truly sick in the head. When I say sick in the head, I mean sick. They resorted to all sorts of sick and psychotic acts that ranged from prank-calling and at one point death threats. Of course, the main perpetrator was finally identified last year and the coward quickly disappeared. Of course, these cowards would disappear the second they are identified because they are as I like to call them “chicken bullies”. That means they are the type of bullies who are bullies online and in hiding and they would never show their face due to the fact that they know they are the scum of the society themselves. However, like I said, as soon as the main perpetrator was identified, I never heard from any of them EVER AGAIN! So much for protectors of justice and humanity as they claimed to be!!
During the past five years, I started and finished law school in San Diego. I moved to back to Los Angeles and I took the California Bar Exam for the first time and I failed with only four points missing. That was truly a hard thing to go through. Then I went through the appeal process. The appeal process was unsuccessful and I decided to retake the bar exam one more time even though I had a good job in Marketing. Of course, this time I passed and at the time I was working at a Civil Litigation Law Firm in Los Angeles. However, I really did not enjoy working at the firm and I quickly started searching for a better job with much better pay. That’s where I found my current employer which is a Tax Firm. In law school, I hated Tax. I never understood it and I thought it was the most boring area of law. However, due to our current economy and the lucrative salary, I decided to take this job.
I quickly realized that Tax is truly the best field because I was good with numbers. I busted my behind for three months. I worked 15-16 hours a day. I even worked on Sundays and I did not take a single day off. Even when I was sick I showed up to work. All the hard work quickly paid off because I was able to advance in the company in the fastest paste possible. Within only four months, I was promoted to supervising attorney. I also ranked fourth best attorney in the firm. I became the “go-to-guy” who got all the hard complicated cases or high profile clients. I have about 140 cases for myself and supervising over 600 cases. I have the highest case load and the biggest team and I have been here for only eight months. Although the working hours did not improve and it actually got worse, but the salary definitely improved.
Besides the respect, quick advancement, and of course great salary, this job provided me with an opportunity to help a lot of people. Our clients range from all aspects of the society and listening to their story truly teaches you a lot about life. The satisfaction of helping people is really priceless. When you assist a client and provide them with successful results, you could hear their voice and how appreciative they are, and there are no words that could express my feelings at that moment. I had a client breaking down and cry when I gave her the good news. That in itself is worth all the hard work you put in to resolve the cases.
Besides the career changes and moving, my life took a lot of interesting turns. I would be lying if I say at times I did not think about quitting. However, constant hard work and putting in many hours pays off at the end and this is what exactly happened to my life. Although being happy could be a very vague terms to use because there are many different kind of happiness, look at the past five years, I could confirm that I am very happy with my life.
Well, five years has passed since I started this blog and I have covered many news article and world events and wrote my opinion about them. We are living in a very volatile time. I must say, I have zero intention of quitting this blog. So, stay tuned for hopefully many more years to come.

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