Thursday, September 01, 2011

Stupid Argument of Terrorist-apologists about Naval Blockade of Gaza

Turkey and its Islamic Fundamentalist Ruling Party is demanding an apology from Israel and they are following it with an ultimatum. Click here for the article. I do not know whether Israel should do it or not for diplomatic reasons. However, my question is this: why should Israel apologize for nine dead Turkish terrorists who ignored all the warning and attacked Israeli commandos and took two of the injured soldiers as hostage? Plus, this stupid Islamic Government who is demanding an apology forgot the fact they ENCOURAGED this movement and they knew the terrorists and their intentions. However, my favorite part of this is the comment made by Islamic Fundamentalists and terrorist-apologists who argue that Israel should be sued because the event took place in international water. Funniest part is every time I read their comments they try to deceive the world with the word “international waters” and they try to base their argument on this fact. If these numb-nut morons and anti-Semites would have picked up a single book, based on the same international law that they LOVE to quote every time it fits their arguments, they would have learned that Naval Blockade enforced by a country does not have to take place in territorial waters. As a matter of fact, naval blockade and its enforcement HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH INTERNATIONAL WATERS. A country that is enforcing the blockage has the right to stop any vessel in international if it has REASONABLE BELIEF that the vessel is intending to violate the blockade. If the vessel fails to follow the warning and orders of the enforcing party, then the enforcing country has the right to engage the vessel. This was the simplest rule I learned in Maritime Law class I took back in Law School. Then the argument shifts to the issue of whether the blockade is legal in its totality which is a whole different argument separate from these idiots stance that it took place in international water.
Even if they want to argue from that angel, Israel will be the party who would prevail in that argument too. The naval blockade Israel is enforcing is legal due to the fact that Gaza Strip is considered hostile territory and Hamas has openly indicated that they are at war with Israel. Hamas is the ruling government of Hamas and in its charter it clearly specifies that they plan to destroy Israel. Therefore, Israel has all the legal necessity to enforce a legal blockade due to the fact that they have used these waters to smuggle in weapons that are used against Israeli citizens. Therefore, all these numb-nuts morons who have made a mockery of international laws at the world stage should first read the law before they try to quote it. But again, we are not dealing with people with common sense rather than we are faced with a group of people who are fueled by hatred.

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