Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Supporter of Palestinian Cause Resort to Lies—Gee I am Shocked!

OH boy, Turkey has turned into a gift that keeps on giving. However, just like other supporter of Palestinian Cause and the true nature of this Fraudulent Cause, it filled with lies, deceit, miss-representation of material facts, fictitious stories, and many other fraudulent acts. This time, with wink and silent support from Turkish Islamist Ruling party, IHH tried to claim that after countless hard work and research, they have released the names of the “soldiers who were involved in the killing” of the nine Turkish Terrorist. However, here is the kicker: THESE MORONS FORGOT TO CHECK WHETHER THESE NAMES WERE ACTUALLY ACTIVE AT THE TIME OF THE FLOTILLA INCIDENT.
It was quickly proven that many of the names were simply copied from name of the soldiers who defended Israel during Operation Cast Lead. To add to the story, it was also shown that some of these guys were from different Units in IDF that were completely unrelated to Navy or any Special Ops Units. For example was soldier to be a low Ranking Officer in the Artillery Units. Oh boy the Irony!!!!! You see, lies and deceit is hacked into the DNA of Palestinian Cause. Truth is simply not their friend and they need to resort this kind of activity to make a point. Justice will never be served when truth is being destroyed. Of course, global Anti-Semitism will simply ignore the truth and believe these lies just how they believed Hitler and his lies.
Oh yeah, let’s give these liars a state when its whole notion and supporters are nothing but frauds and liars. Mahmud Abbas’s Doctorate Thesis was written about how Holocaust never happened and Jews exaggerated it to oppress Palestinians. Sooner or later, the world will face the truth just like how it faced Post-Hitler world when the truth finally came out.

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